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Stark Industries

No description

Shaley McKeever

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Stark Industries

Visi n
Planning and
Decision Making

Robert A. Iger
Disneyland Leading
Disney is counting on a resort
and new Disney store to expand merchandise and movie sales

Leading Through Profitability
Competition is Critical
Hong Kong tourism industry is competitive, so improvements of the theme parks is a major source of concentration,
Emerging Movie Market in China
The Walt Disney Company
"To Lift Hong Kong Park, Disney Deploys Iron Man"
Shaley McKeever
Brooke Hogan
Jenna Taulman
Crystal Schafer
Khalid Abaalkhail
Abdulmajeed Altayar

Planning and
Decision Making

"To make people happy"
Goals and Objectives
“To be the world’s leading producers and
providers of entertainment and information.
Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate
our content, services and consumer products,
we seek to develop the most creative, innovative
and profitable entertainment experiences
and related products in the world.”
To provide and produce the most creative, innovative, profitable entertainment experiences in the world

To bring a smile to every person across the world

To expand international growth (specifically in China)
SWOT Analysis


Lack of international growth

(specifically attendance in Hong Kong)
Uneven Box Office Receipts
The Lone Ranger and John Carter did not do well

Company tries to reduce risk by leasing sequels
For example: Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean
Interactive Losses
The video game business has experienced losses over several years
Weak sales
Failure of social network gaming

Iron Man addition
in Hong Kong
and Shanghai
Disney Resort
in 2015
Strong growth of online TV
and online movie renting
Competition with new theme park resort in
Qingdao, China
Disney ABC
ABC News
ABC Family
Disney Vacation Club
Disneyland Resort
Walt Disney World Resort
Tokyo Disney Resort
Disneyland Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shanghai Disney Resort
Disney Cruise Line
Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa
Adventures by Disney
Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Disney Music Group
Marvel Studios
Touchstone Pictures
Disney Nature
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Pixar Animation Studios
Disney Theatrical Group

Disney Consumer Products
Disney Publishing Worldwide
Disney Store

Disney Interactive Media
Disney Interactive Games

The new Iron Man experience will become a lead attraction within Hong Kong and mainland China

The Iron Man Attraction is exclusive to Hong Kong, and it's not featured at any other Disneyland in the world!
Leading through expansion
Leading in Merchandise
· 45% of HK Disneyland’s customers come from mainland China
- (34% in 2006)

· One of the top leading theme attractions within Hong Kong and China

· 14% increase in visitors from 2012

· Record attendance of 6.7 million people

· Hong Kong Disneyland only 0.4 million visitors behind Ocean Park
Planning and Decision Making
Strategically planned expansion

Segment, diversify, eliminate risk

Brand and industry leader, USP

Metrics used to determine solution

Drives expansion and innovation
Thank you!

Disney lacked strategic planning in Paris theme park

Disney decided on the opposite strategy for Hong Kong -- low attendance

Strategic plan
International growth

Tactical plan
Expand the theme park in Hong Kong

Single-use plans
Individual rides, attractions, and hotels.

Disney decides on Iron Man attraction
Iron Man 3 took in $121.2 million in China, this year
Avengers took in $84.1 million in China, this year

A unique attraction
Brings people from all over
Differentiates from all other parks

Decision Making
Decision Making
To open a Disneyland resort
in Shanghai of 2015
To reach its goal for more attendance in Hong Kong
Created a unique Iron Man ride
Bring new, better quality food with the attraction

Strong brand names

Solid financial growth
Projected to continue into the future

Strategic Acquisitions:
Pixar (for $7.4 billion in 2006)
Marvel (for $4.2 billion in 2009)
Lucasfilm (for $4.1 billion last year)

Related Diversification
Decline in theme park attendance will offset by increase in box office and DVD sales

Hopes to improve with a new “Infinity” platform that includes Disney and Pixar characters into the games.
Media Networks
Parks and Resorts
Studio Entertainment

Consumer Products
Interactive Media
Board of Directors
Corporate Managers

Business Managers
Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion
$465 million spent on expansion
Expansion increased park’s size by about 25%
14% increase in attendance last yea

Advantages over competitor: Ocean Park

95 more acres
Larger expansion in less time
Increased number of visitors from mainland China

· Plans to open largest Disney store in Shanghai

· Store and theme park will complement each other

· Maintain a presence in the consumers’ lives
Recognizing Inefficiencies

Analyzed Hong Kong Disneyland’s sales, profits and attendance rates
Recorded and measured data to determine why the park was underperforming

Evaluating the Competition
Hong Kong Disneyland had to measure its performance against the competition to find out how they can overcome the competition.
Determining a Solution to the Problem
Recorded and measured data to determine why the park was underperforming
Implemented an expansion by adding new attractions: rollercoaster, haunted house, Toy Land
Increased attendance by 14%, increased Disneyland’s size by 25%
This increase proved to be successful in 2012 when Disneyland Hong Kong recorded its first ever profit

Initial Success Encourages Further Implementation
Set standards, tested, recorded and evaluated initial expansion plan
Slight success from initial expansion encourages more expansion
Measured success of Iron Man 3 and Avengers in China
Executing Iron Man expansion plan to increase growth in market, sales, attendance and profits
Disneyland will continue controlling practices to gauge the development
and progress of its international expansion

More recorded visitors at Ocean Park

Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis is in developmental stages

Upcoming movie-themed resort in the form of Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis.
Multibillion-dollar project that includes: film studios, resort hotels, an indoor amusement park, movie theaters, yacht club and even a hospital.
Film center and family theme park
Builds a cultural power for China
Create and promote China’s local brands
Improved tourism in China

Ocean Park is implementing a multibillion dollar facelift plan
Great combination thrills and rides
State-of-the-art marine shows and exhibitions
A large number of mid-range action rides
Easy access and low ticket prices attract visitors
Disney’s Expansion Encourages
Ocean Park Expansion
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."
- Thomas Reid
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