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The Problem

No description

Carla Massie

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of The Problem

Company Logo
Action Research
Pre test
Four Daily 20 minute stations
Tenmarks Math Video instruction on Chrome Books
Small Group Instruction w/teacher using the District adopted curriculum
Fastt Math math fact practice on Chrome Books
Independant practice using Model Drawing problem solving
I saw limitations to the study.
The length of the study was too short.
Students were too quick to complete the on line lessons without thorough consideration.
I would definitely explore a Blended Learning Approach again!
The Problem
As schools engage in our 21st century skills activities, unmotivated students find ways to piggyback on the work of others. The purpose of the study is to see if a blended learning approach can have any effect on student engagement in math.
The Driving Question
“What are the effects of a Blended Learning Approach on math engagement?”
Solving the Problem
5- Day Study
30 4th grade students
One Treatment
Quantitative: Pretest/Post test
Qualitative: Group Discussion

Qualitative Results
Video Lesson (40%) vs Teacher Lesson (60%)
Math Stations (90%) vs Whole Group (10%)
Engagement Level
more (60%)
less (10%)
same (30%)

Quantitative Results
By Carla Massie
A Blended Learning Approach
The Blended Learning Approach could be the answer to better student engagement!
In today’s society, students engage in the use of technology frequently. It is important to investigate the use of technology, Chromebooks, will engage the students in the math lesson in a more successful manner than a whole class math lesson.

Student Opinions
Pretest: 0.81
Posttest: 3.8
Thank you
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