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DIA disputa program

Prezentáció a Diákjogi Szektor konferenciára, 2010. április 17.

Viktória Takács

on 2 July 2010

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Transcript of DIA disputa program

Formal debate
it's components Rules Statement Teams
Audience & judges
DEBATE FORMATS What is NOT formal debate?
WHY Debate? Communication Critical Thinking Cooperation Research Active listening &
understanding Self-confidence Empathy Community development ‘It is a very useful thing, what you're teaching to me. Until today the word "debate" was equal with shouting and quarrelling for me. I can't debate with respect and without shouting. But I want to be a lawyer, so I have to learn how to debate normally and politely.’ Mónika Lázi, student ‘At the beginning I had a lot of problems with the group. They did not want to cooperate at all. Then I asked them, how many Roma delegates does the local government have? The answer was easy: zero. And we started to discuss what could be the reasons of this. At the end they understood if they want to enforce their needs, first they have to learn how to communicate them.’ Judit, mentor
'I would recommend the Program because the participants gather important experiences. It inspires, opens new perspectives. It is interesting to se the to sides of the same coin. And it is also can be fun.' 'In today's world being able to share ideas and thougths is an important tool for your success in the future.'
3D= Dilemma
Democracy 'It's about Us!' capacity building program for NGOs, informal groups through the methods of debate Debate for Democracy! debate program for socially, economically disadvantaged communities in North-Eastern Hungary 'Speak UP!' Awareness raising campaign through a set of public debate events Thank you!

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