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Romeo and Juliet's Colors

No description

Camille Henry

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet's Colors

The Colors of Romeo and Juliet The Bricks The bricks stand for the obstacles and the long growing hatred between the two families. The crack in between is the love seeping through.

by The Girls Romeo Romeo is really muscular because he gets in lots of fights and he gets really good workouts. He is sad because he and Juliet are separated by many different obstacles. He is a really cool kid. His pants represent his wealth. He is also wearing blue because that is the color of the Montague family.

By Craig Juliet is a Capulet as shown in the color of
her gown. She is beautiful and her love is radiating out of her. She is still very young
and foolish but she is sure about her undying
love for Romeo. She is crying because she and Romeo are apart and she cannot break through the wall. Juliet's headband is a symbol of the Capulet's wealth.

By Mike Montague and Capulet Montague and Capulet are painted largely because it shows their importance in this novel. They also portray the large rivalry between families that keeps Romeo and Juliet apart.

by The Girls The words on the wall The words on the wall, in the blue section, represent all the things separating Romeo and Juliet. This poem is from the original Romeus and Juliet. It portrays many different forms of foreshadowing and it shows what is to come in the story. The larger words like banished and dead for example represent the most important things in the story. Final Project: By: Elyse, Camille, Mike and Craig Juliet graffiti we had a little too much fun..... Reflection Shakespeare is seen widely throughout the world today. Many of his works are still being performed and being made into movies. Studying Shakespeare's writing is important because it shows us a different style and rhythm. It helps us improve our own writing as well. We learned many new things about Shakespeare and his style of writing. In our world today, we have many of the same conflicts as Romeo and Juliet. We face the separation of families and friends and great tragedies. But in the end, it brings us all back together.
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