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AS English Language Terminology

A presentation made to help me revise terminology for my AS English Language exam

Laurie Appleyard

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of AS English Language Terminology

AS ENGLISH LANGUAGE TERMINOLOGY Modal verbs Sentence types Interrogatives Declaratives Imperatives Pronouns Conditionals Beginning with
if.... Grammar Commands ..
often with ! Questions Statements Certainty Possibility Will Must Could Can Should May Might 1st 2nd 3rd I You They We He She Me It Spoken Language
Features Pauses Hesitations Fillers Ellipsis Ellision Lexis Emotive
Language Empty
Adjectives Puns Politeness
Strategy Interjection Repetition Tag
Questions Non-standard
Grammar Short
Sentences Innuendos Coloquialsim Anaphora Contrastative
Pairs Jargon Slang Interruptions Hedging Interlocutors Ephermeal Pernament Idiolect Sociolect Topic
Management Dialect Superlatives Adjacency
Pairs Idioms Euphemism
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