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Mental Health Project

No description

Wesey Hudson

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Mental Health Project

Signs of depression
People who are depressed may feel hopeless, anxious, or sad.
They will disconnect from society and become anti-social.
They might loose sleep and loose or gain weight.
Mood swings or excessive crying can also indicate depression.
If someone you know is showing these signs it may be good to talk to them.
Bullying is a problem in all aspects of life, Online, at school, in extra curricular activities. Its a problem that's been around forever, but can be stopped.
Self Help Guide
This is a guide that will help you deal with problems that may be affecting you or a family member.
Communication styles
These are a few communication styles that range from bad to helpful.

The Four styles are
Passive aggressive
By: Wesley Hudson
PACED decision making model
Goal Setting
Passive people will not speak up for their side and will not argue with the other person.
They are quiet and fear what others will
do if they speak up
It a bad style because it causes one person to forget or not consider the passive persons needs.

Aggressive people will not consider others needs or wants.
They will completely disregard the others side and only work at their goal.
They will act threatening and do anything to win.
Passive Aggressive
Passive aggressive people will act passive but wont complete tasks.
They are scared to be more assertive but still hold onto their beliefs
They avoid living up to their responsibilities and cause a bigger problem than if they where assertive.
Assertive is the best communication style and will usually result in a solution.
Assertive people will act calm while expressing their needs and wants to the other person.
Both people consider both sides and find a happy solution.
Social Media
Most of you have social media, it is used by almost everyone and definitely helps us communicate. While it has its benefits it can also be used for bullying. Many kids get bullied online and it can grow into a big problem. If you are getting bullied online the best advice I can give you is log out of the app or block the person.
Stress is very common and sometimes helpful, but sometimes bad for mental health.
There is two types of stress:
Good Stress
Bad Bad Stress
Good stress would be worrying about a test and studying. Or practicing your lines again because your worries you'll forget them.
Bad stress is worrying to the point you can't function. This stress can cause you to loose sleep and cause you to break down.
How to deal with stress
Find something that makes you happy
Talk to someone
Find the root of your stress
This model is designed to help you make big decisions in life using PACED as an acronym.
P-Define the problem
Think about what you have to do and define exactly what needs to get done
A- List alternatives
List ideas and options you have for this decision.
C- Determine criteria.
List items that would make or break an option
E- Evaluate alternatives
Evaluate all your ideas based on your criteria. See how each meets up to them
D- Make the decision
Now that you have listed and considered all your options, choose one that will suit you best.
In school bullying is very well known and common. The kid getting bullies usually has no control the situation and can't fix it. A big way to help is to not be a bystander and help the kid.
If you can even talk to the bully and call them out. At school your all about the same age and a big group will always beat one kid
Setting goals can help a person feel in control and organize their mind.
Goal setting helps us organize what we need to do and get it out of our heads. It can help with stress and making sure you get everything done.
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