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The Foundation and Growth of your Nonprofit Organization

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on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The Foundation and Growth of your Nonprofit Organization

Governing Documents provide the foundation of the Nonprofit Organization
Organizational Policies
Good Governance
Effective Organization
Governing Documents
are necessary for your nonprofit organization to be legally recognized, but they go beyond that. They provide the "roots" of your organization by establishing what the nonprofit will do, how it will be run, and who will run it.

Organizational Policies help ensure that your organization meets its objectives and serves its intended purpose. Well chosen and effectively enforced policies help an organization function on a daily basis, and deal with any difficult situations that may arise. Policies are usually detailed in an organization's bylaws and employee handbook, but simply having these policies is not enough. Management and staff must develop and follow procedures to ensure that policies guide day-to-day operations.
The success of your organization depends on several elements.

Good governance happens when an organization’s bylaws and policies are made clear to employees and supported by the management and board. It happens when decisions are made by considering the objectives of the organization and the policies that guide it.
The result is an organization
that is in a
solid position
to strengthen the community it serves. Governing in accordance with clear, well-defined policies and goals can build organizational sustainability ... which is essential to delivering quality programs in an ongoing way.
The Foundation and Growth
of your Nonprofit Organization

The four most important documents you should consider in reviewing your governance include
Articles of Incorporation
, your organization’s Bylaws, and the
IRS Determination Letter
. Your governing documents are essential to the operation of your nonprofit organization.
An effective organization is
one that is built on a clear set of principles, goals, and policies. These are codified in the Governing Documents, but must be implemented through good governance and support from all levels of the organization, with oversight by the board.
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