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Baden-Würrtemburg Seminar 2011

No description

Coryn Shiflet

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Baden-Würrtemburg Seminar 2011

University of Applied Sciences Kindergarten to Universitat Grundschule (Primary) Baden Wurttemburg Seminar 2011 Primary school teachers are civil servants (well paid, well respected, job for life)
Which school depends on where you live
State certification for teachers (difficult to move)
Separate schools for children with disabilities
International class (many students from Russia, Turkey, etc)
Bilingual school (12 hrs English & 12 hrs in German) Kindergarten
(optional) Hauptschule
20% Grundschule
(primary) Gymnasium
43% Universitat
(Research University) Realschule
32% EXAM at 10 yrs Abitur
(entrance exam) Duale Hoschule
(Dual University) Duale Hoschule
(Dual University) Duale Hoschule
(Dual University) Duale Hoschule
(Dual University) Padagogische Hochschule
(Teaching College) Berufschule
(part-time vocational
school & in-company
training) Fachhochschulreife (Advanced Certificate Vocational Education) Vocational or upper secondary school University of Applied Sciences employment Verwaltungsfachhochschule
(Public Administration) Kunsthochschule
(Art) Musikhochschule
(Music) Leibniz Kolleg "German students think they have a 'god-given right' to study for free" Padagogische Hochschule Cooperative State University Next school used to depend solely on child's grades/exam but now parents can decide Residential College (53 students) - almost 200 applicants
Introductory to University Studies (since cannot take 'gen ed')
Each topic - (library orientation, rhetoric seminar, writing seminar)
Began in 1948 (suggestion by French military government)
New way of studying & living together
Self government, select committees for all decisions, prepare their own meals "Teachers teach here because they want to teach (most have other full-time jobs)" Diverse student body (come from both Abitur & Berufskolleg)
4300 students (60 exchange & international, 150+ go abroad)
Professors must have PhD + 5 years of work experience (at least 3 outside of academia)
Focus on Applied Research & Collaboration with industry (Mandatory internship)
Some employers require degree at University of Applied Sceinces (not Universitat) competition between two types of universities "Ensure that 'good' students are not bored and weaker students do not get lost" More rigorous 'Teaching College'
6 padagogische's in B-W, we visited only 'stand alone' institution
85% of curent students are women
Admissions require Abitur
Students go into classroom the first semester (not wait till end)
Teachers receive academic qualification (degree) and teaching license simultaneously Inbetween Universitat & University of Applied Sciences
Direct relationship with companies
Inspiration came from companies themselves
4,000 company partners
Student gets job first, then automatically enrolled
Students have contracts (not internships)
Paid whole time by company, highly motivated students
62% business, 6% social work, 32% engineering Berufschule (Secondary) Vocational
On-the-job training AND part-time schooling
First need to find employer who wants to hire you, automatic enrollment
Competitive - competing against people who completed gymnasium Alternative - full-time vocational education (for people who cannot find apprenticeship - spend 2-3 years becoming more qualified) Education system in Germany Presentation by
Coryn Shiflet many options! the options never
seem to end! at least there were a lot of pretzels along the way! in the end there is always chocolate! Hosted by
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen ...yummy food... and castles thrown in for good measure.
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