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Sports coaching task 1

No description

Daniele Alfano

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Sports coaching task 1

Sports Coaching José Mourinho
'The special one' Richard Williams Responsibilities of a coach:
Health and safety- Mourinho has his own staff which have variety of roles:
Mourinho- Coach
José Morais- Assistant coach
Aitor Karanka- Assistant coach
Silvino Louro- Goalkeeping coach
Rui Faria- Fitness coach
Mourinho is responsible for the health and safety of his players. Mourinho should have coaches who have access to first aid facilities and able to contact emergency services.

Professional conduct- Mourinho needs to show good professional conduct, because his players look up to him as a role model, therefore will have the same behaviour and reaction as the manager. Eg in 2011 the match between Real Madrid- Barcelona, Mourinho did not show good professional conduct, as 'Mourinho pokes barcelona assistant in the eye': http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/jose-mourinho-banned-for-poking-barcelona-assistant-2365897.html

Knowledge of coaching environment- Mourinho's knowledge started from a young age because his father was a footballer, and so Mourinho followed his dad around, from there, Mourinho began to study opposing teams and game tactics. Mourinho has a staff team, which for example he will have someone who will now go and analyse the opposing team, depending on what team he is facing, he will change and play defensive or attacking tactics.

Legal obligations -
Mourinho needs to be aware of his legal responsibilities, especially the advice he tell his players, and to respect that. Mourinho will also have a responsibility to his players and should:
Give appopriate advice and guidance.

Mourinho will also have responsibilities such as:
-Protection from Abuse: This will include
Neglect (providing inadequate food)
Emotional abuse (being threatened or taunted)
Sexual abuse (being shown pornographic material)
Physical abuse (hitting)

Mourinho will have appropriate insurance that will cover both public liability and personal accidents.

Mourinho will have a team bus for when his players have a away fixture.

Coaches have an ethical and legal responsibility to educate their players about drug use and abuse. Coaches will also provide general and appropriate nutritional advise. Roles of a coach:
Innovator- Mourinho's Instructs players with the skills of new tactics with their sport eg. Mourinho- Football. Mourinho likes to try many new things, new tactics, new techniques ect depending on what team he is going to play against. For example Mourinho has been to other football team's training grounds.

Friend- Over the years of working with his players a personal relationship is built up where as well as providing coaching advice he can also become a friend. Mourinho can talk with his players, and can discuss their problems. Mourinho builds a relationship where players can talk to him with personal information, which is confidential, therefore Mourinho builds a trusted relationship.

Motivator- Mourinho's very good at keeping the motivation. He keeps the motivation up when his team is on a winning spree, this is good so the players have a right state of mind, he also keeps the team motivated when they are on a loosing spree, so his team bounces back. Mourinho tries to maintain the motivation all year round.

Role-model- A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioural for another person to emulate. The way you conduct yourself whilst in the presence of his players provides an example of how they should behave . Eg When Mourinho talks to the press he doesn't say anything bad about his players, but surely in the changing room he acts different. Roles of a coach:
Richard Williams is not only a coach for Venus Williams and Serena Williams but also a father. As a father Richard Williams surely as a father figure shows charateristics of a role model, friend and educator for many qualities, which shows a distinction between being a father and a coach.

Friend-Richard Williams over the years that he has been working with his athletes (also his daughters) builds a personal relationship as a coach and a father figure; he can give advice for sporting tips, and also tips for future life.

Educator- Richard Williams can be a very god educator for Serena and Venus Williams, because Richard Williams will be a educator for his his daughters from a young age teaching roles in life, he will now be a educator instructing his athletes skills for tennis.

Trainer- It is proven that Richard Williams is a good trainer, because both his daughters Serena and Venus Williams both get to the final against each other eg. 2008 Wimbledon - Final

Role-model- Richard Williams is a role model for his daughters because he as a father needs particular behaviour, he needs to know when to be a coach role model, and a father role model. Responsibilities of a coach:
Health and safety- Richard Williams is the father of Serena and Venus Williams , therefore health and safety will be his main concern eg. Make sure his daughters follow the principles of training: FITT, reversibility, and making sure they have enough rest and recovery time.

Professional conduct- Richard Williams' professional conduct is very important, as he needs to draw the line between the father and coach role. Richard Williams may link the roles together, for example he may as a father and a coach teach his children not to cheat, doing this, Williams' showing his morals to his children.

Knowledge of coaching environment- Richard Williams found out about tennis, from watching it on tv, and seeing the winner get $40,000, he was very impressed. Seeing this Richard Williams, and so he wanted his latest daughters, Serena and Venus to become tenns players. He trained them from a young age 4 and 5 which was very hard, he kept pushing them, infact he again was very Innovative because he would stand behind the nets, and just throw balls at Serena and Venus which they had to hit with a baseball bat, this would help because practising with baseball bats which were heavier, and hard to hit with, when it came to playing with real tennis bats, Serena and Venus would be natural.

Legal obligations -
Williams needs to be aware of his legal responsibilities, especially the advice he tell his players, and to respect that. Williams will also have a responsibility to his players and should:
Give appopriate advice and guidance.

Williams will also have responsibilities such as:
-Protection from Abuse: This will include
Neglect (providing inadequate food)
Emotional abuse (being threatened or taunted)
Sexual abuse (being shown pornographic material)
Physical abuse (hitting)

Williams will as a coach and a father have appropriate insurance that will cover both public liability and personal accidents.

Willliams will drivers for all his athletes for the fixtures.

Coaches have an ethical and legal responsibility to educate their players about drug use and abuse. Coaches will also provide general and appropriate nutritional advise. Skills:
•Communication -Mourinho is Portugese, and is fluent in 5 languages. He uses all his languages to communicate with each player in their mother tongue, developing a tremendous trust with each relationship. He makes use of these relationships as the foundation for implementing his team strategy. Mourinho was quoted "A football coach who only understands football is not a great coach, says Mourinho. We have to be good in other things. I never forget: My players are men. Men with different personalities, different cultures. To deal with this is very important in building a team."

•Organisation- Mourinho has a lot of organisation skills as he has shown this with his success at Porto-In his two full seasons there he delivered two league titles, the UEFA Cup and the Champions League. Not to mention the Portuguese Cup and the Super Cup. Then moved to Chelsea and Roman Abramovich might have been unable to handle Mourinho's ego, or his popularity, but led to Chelsea's first League title in 50 years was followed by their second in 51, as well as the FA Cup, two League Cups and some fine performances in the Champions League. And for Inter, yet more success. In two years he won two league titles, the Italian Cup, the Super Cup and the UEFA champions league. Mourinho shows off his organizational skills, as he knows teams must work together. Mourinho creates a family with his players. He has proven this because when he went to Porto they were not a winning side. Chelsea had not won the League for 50 years. Inter had 45 years since they won the Champions League, Mourinho has always taken difficult jobs at difficult clubs and has had the motivation to do a lot of good work.

•Problem solving- Mourinho is very good at problem solving he has shown this for example in the 2009/2010 champions league campaign, he showed when coming against quicker teams such as Barcelona , some say Mourinho uses ‘negative’ tactics, which in the statistics from the game were extraordinary. Just as they did against Barcelona, Inter triumphed when they enjoyed only 33% of the possession to Bayern Munich's 67%, unleashing just 11 shots to Bayern's 21.But therein lies the genius of Mourinho. Mourinho said 'You have to work with what you have,' he explained. 'And when you have slow players, like we do, you have to adapt. We play in blocks, keeping the space between the players small, because that is what works best for this team.' Mourinho;s record demonstrates that he always finds what works best for his team. This, after all, is a manager who has not lost at home in a league match since February 2002. Since his management at Porto, he has won 67.25 per cent of the 458 matches he has contested as a manager. Of those 458 matches he has lost just 54. Skills:
•Organisation- Richard Williams is very organised with his players, this had been shown through their success, as he makes sure his players are determined and motivated to achieve. Richard has powered his daughters to the world number one ranking despite starting out like two regular players at a young age. The sisters have played each other seven times in Grand Slam finals; they have won a combined total of 24 majors; they are the top two players in the world, and are also number one in doubles. Venus has claimed 21 Slam titles: seven in the singles, 12 women's doubles with sister Serena and two mixed doubles. She has also nabbed three Olympic gold medals - two in the doubles and one in the singles. Serena has claimed 27 Slam titles: 13 in the singles while she holds an identical record to Venus in the women's and mixed doubles. I believe Richard Williams has had an amazing accomplishment for a man who never played tennis. Williams’ influence has 100% increased his daughters confident in success.

•Problem solving- Williams has had many problems as a family and coach for example, when Venus was younger, she competed in a tennis tournament in the Southern California area. Venus wasn't a household name, and all the other players knew was that she was Black and poor. Williams remembers from that tournament there were players saying that Venus shouldn’t have been able to play because where she was from (Compton), his family were picked on a lot. Williams showed plenty of character, as he says people like that was lucky he was a nice guy. Williams fought many times for his daughters to be treated fairly, Williams says, "So many people want to jump on a poor guy out of Compton," he says. "I came out of the worst ghetto in the world and was simply trying to prove to the world that it doesn't matter where you come from to be good in tennis. You don't have to be brought up in the country club to do this. You can actually come out of the ghetto and play tennis." Richard Williams had to deal with a lot of criticism towards his family, but he said the criticism brought them closer together. Williams and his family dealt with the problem, because he said a person can pick at you so long, enough that, instead of making you weak, it makes you strong.

•Evaluating- After training sessions Richard Williams remember walking home with Venus, and once he got home he said to his wife "We have a winner." His wife replied “No, you're just a proud father.” Williams went on and on telling his wife how hard Venus trained kept arguing to his wife said “This girl is a winner.” She said, `Well, how do you know?' Williams said Venus demonstrated all four qualities of a champion. Williams argued no matter what age, all champions are able to demonstrate that they are rough, they are tough, they are strong, and they are mentally fit. You cannot teach that. That is a God-given quality, and Venus demonstrated that on the first day. Again here Richard Williams shows that he knew what he was talking about, and knew when he saw talent, as he always was a tennis coach. Richard Williams benefitted, so that he made sure Venus would keep up the good determination and motivation to keep training to her best ability. Techniques:

Modelling/ Effective demonstration-Mourinho believes in control and his coaching methods focus only on what is in his direct control. Mourinho keeps concentration in his players high by reinforcing that his opponents are not stupid and can potentially take advantage of any silly mistake. Mourinho’s first act with a team is to issue a letter to the team which reads:"From here on every aspect of your life will be geared to winning the title, whether it social or work based. I do not believe in the word first team, I need all of you and you need each other. We are a TEAM" MOTIVATION+AMBITION+TEAM+SPIRIT=SUCCESS.
Mourinho works on self image believing, he gets his players to believe they are the best in the world. Mourinho is very honest with his players, using strict eye to eye contact he does not censor his word no matter who the player is. In terms of team building he states that it is not the length of time that players work together but how effectively they communicate together within the system.

Technical instruction-Mourinho does not believe attacking or defending styles he believes in balance and if a team is unbalanced in one area in terms of work ethic that a loss will result. When Mourinho runs his defensive drills he punishes high rates of scoring and soon his players learn that if they let goals go in training, it will be same in the game as his players are not defending properly. One of his key coaching points during his sessions is to refine play down the channels and between the opposing team lines.

His weekly schedule goes like this:
Tuesday=transition to attack and attacking
Wednesday=attacking and transition to defence
Thursday=defence and transition from defence to attack
Friday=set piece play

Observation analysis-Mourinho believes a good coach should know and control all details regarding his players. When training, Mourinho likes coaching points which mix the best technical feature of the Spanish league, the best tactical feature of the Italian league and the physicality of the English league believing these to be the most effective aspects of play. Mourinho uses mental tests in the form of tactical exercises to deduce and predict how each player will think and plan in different situations. Techniques:

Observation analysis- Richard Williams knew Venus would be a great tennis player since from the age of just 4. As with any father, Williams says his memories of raising his daughters were great, he remembers the first time he took Venus onto the tennis court, he said she was always be focused and motivated. "The first time I knew Venus was going to be a good tennis player was the first time I took her out on her very first day," says Williams, a former tennis coach for neighborhood kids in Compton. "I was working with some other kids, and had a shopping cart that would hold 550 balls. It took three kids who were teenagers a long time to hit those balls. They wanted to take breaks. Well, while they were taking a break, Venus wanted to hit every ball in that basket. She wouldn't stop. Every time you tried to stop her, she would start crying. She was only 4 years old. That doesn't mean she hit every ball. A lot of them she missed. But she would swing at every ball. When she got to the last ball in the basket, she told me to say, `Last one,' and I said, `Okay, last one.' And to this day, I say the same thing to her when she's practicing." This shows Richard Williams builds a good relationship as a father and coach, but also that he had a certain skill to tell apart best players, from the good players, this shows Williams had an eye for talent.

Modelling/ Effective demonstration-A couple of years back Venus was playing against Anastasia, Venus had already come across each other and therefore so did Richard Williams and Anastasia’s coach. Anastasia’s coach before the match was watching Venus to get information, regarding the level of her game and fitness. Anastasia’s coach was taking down notes and was approached by Richard Williams and he said "What are you writing?" The coach answered "It doesn't concern you." Williams replied with "I want you to leave, leave at once, or I will call security." The next morning, the day of the match, Richard and the coach met again, Williams’ acted as if nothing had happened, shaking the coach’s hand and teasing: "Hi man, how are you, bro?". Later in the day Venus beat Anastasia 6-0 6-1. Williams showed his personality, and set a good example to his daughters to forgive and forget, he had what it takes to make his daughters win: psychology, common sense and spirit.

•Technical instruction- Richard Williams argues that from day one others attempted to tell him a "better" way to raise Venus, and Serena, to be tennis champions. And while he has maintained a public persona of a man who couldn't care less what others thought. Williams though did admit that the negativity did get to him. Williams said that the critics got to him most when "It bothers you when people criticize you, especially when you're doing the best that you can do. Because once you are doing the best you can do, you realize there is nothing else you can do. They are criticizing you, and you can't fight back." Richard Williams stuck to what he believed in, and managed to raise his daughters who were not only great tennis players, but intelligent, mentally strong young women.
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