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WALT: solve multiplication word problems using RUCSAC.

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Vicky Brewin

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of WALT: solve multiplication word problems using RUCSAC.

WALT: solve multiplication word problems using RUCSAC.
Can you write the number sentence and find the answer to these arrays?
Complete these questions using a number line on your whiteboard.
I went to the supermarket and bought an apple for 34p and a yogurt for 25p.
How much did I spend? What coins could I use?

If I spent £4.29 on some crayons and £7.30 on a colouring book, how much have I spent altogether?
What change would I get from £20?

From: badger@hotmail.com
To: herringthorpejuniors@rgfl.org
Hi Miss Brewin,

Is there any chance you could play this to the children as soon as possible?

Many thanks,

Lots of
Groups of
Each have
In total
Now write an array on your whiteboard. Can your partner write the number sentence and solve it?
Multiply using partitioning. Extend to solving 2 step problems.
Multiply TU by U.
Multiply U by U.

Badger orders 12 packs of cakes and each pack has 5 cakes inside. How many cakes does Badger have altogether?
WALT: solve multiplication word problems using RUCSAC.
Learning Skills: Communi-Kate – to use the correct vocabulary when solving multiplication problems.
Your class and Y3W are invited to the feast so there are 2 classes each with 29 children in. How many children is this altogether? Also can you add the adults in the room?
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