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Why Does Geography Matter

Adrienne, Soujanya, Naureen, Daniel

Adrienne A

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Why Does Geography Matter

Why Geography Matters
Why it matters
Geography matters because it is about the way things are and studying helps us appreciate the Earth and helps us think of ways to conserve it. As children, many people learn how to study maps to get to a place on time. Since we use geography every day, we barely notice that we are using it.
Many people have changed the way we think about and use geography.
Calculated: size of earth, earth's tilt and distance to sun.
Created: the first map known, latitude and longitude and "geography" word.

Created map of Europe, Asia and North Africa along with writing down detailed notes of geographic features and culture.
Used geography to trace source of cholera outbreak. Father of epidemiology, which uses of geography to deal with disease in public.
John Snow
Believed that geographic features affected humans, wrote 19-volume book on it and helped make geography an area of education.
Carl Ritter
What is Geography?
Geography is the study of land, features, and inhabitants, that is broken up into human geography and physical geography. There is also another group that combines both physical and human to study their relations called environmental geography.
Human Geography
Human geography focuses on how humans create, view, maintain, and relate to a built environment. It involves human, political, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the patterns and processes of society.
Physical Geography
Physical geography is the study of a natural environment and its production and interaction. It is meant to understand the problems issues and patterns of the natural world around us.

Maps and Government
Learning to read maps is one essential skill that we use everyday. We will benefit from this because sooner or later when your GPS shuts down you need to rely on these skills to get you home. Another reason why geography matters is because the government assigns many projects for workers to build on land that it is important that they don't affect the environment and eco-system there. They take these factors into consideration before starting construction.
Other Reasons
Some other reasons why geography matters is because it connects us to the past by looking at how we have evolved. Geography connects us to the future. An example would be the Mars rover exploring a whole different planet. But most of all, it connects us to all the people around the world from the type of food they eat to the different types of environment.
The future of geography is probably going to be the importance of geography. Right now not many people know about it. In the future more people will become more aware of it. Geography can also grow to help other fields of education such as science in more ways than it does now.
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