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To Kill a Mockingbird: Chapter 21

No description

Ellina P

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird: Chapter 21

Rising Action
Scout- Daughter of Atticus Finch
Jem- Son of Atticus Finch
Dill- Friend of Scout and Jem
Atticus- A sympathetic lawyer protecting a black man
Tom- An innocent black man accused of rape
Tom & Atticus vs. The Jury
- Jem, Dill, and Scout head for home for supper after Atticus receives a letter from Aunt Alexandria reporting that the kids have gone missing.
- Calpurnia leads the kids home for supper scolding them along the way.
- By the time Jem, Dill and Scout return to the trail Reverand Sykes tells them that they've been out for at least 30 minutes.
- The court reporter reviews the trial and they wait for the jury's final announcement.
At this point in the chapter the jury came to a conclusion. Guilty. The verdict was guilty. Tom Robinson was convicted that day.
Racism and Prejudice
Tom's unfortunate verdict goes to show that no matter how much evidence Atticus stands for, Maycomb's racial prejudice will triumph.
No matter how filthy and foolish Bob Ewell is, he is higher than a moral and respectful black man simply because he is white
Harper Lee plays around by segregating Miss Maudie, Jem, Scout, Dill and Dolphus from the white community because of their ability to accept any kind of people.
Once the judge marked Tom Robinson guilty, Atticus packed his belongings and said something to the court reporter. He then nodded to Mr. Gilmer, whispered a thing to Tom and left.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Chapter 21
Significant Quotation
"It was like watching Atticus walk into the street, raise a rifle to his shoulder and pull the trigger, but watching all the time knowing that the gun was empty." -Scout (pg.282)

- Scout knew what was going to happen.
- It foreshadows the outcome.
- References to the time Atticus had to shoot the old dog, the time the mockingbirds became silent.
Adolescence and Naivety
Jem lingers back on his childhood personalities by having false hope and confidence that Tom won't be charged guilty.
Scout shows lack of maturity by not knowing stand up during Atticus' exit.
Lee displays excellent personification when she shows through Scout's eyes Jem's reaction of getting "stabbed by the word guilty". Jem's jerking shoulders are seen as the cruel adult world taking shots at him.
Why: The trial was coming to an end and now everyone is waiting for the jury's final verdict.

In the trial, Tom's side knows he is innocent of raping Mayella and he, himself, holds to the fact that he is innocent. The jury, on the other hand, are pushing through the fact that he did rape Mayella and because of his race they think he's guilty.
Kevin Touch
Kevin Touch
Where: Court House, and the Finch's House
When: Monday, Mid Summer, 1935
The atmosphere was tense while everyone was waiting for the verdict.
This chapter only spans a few hours.
Ellina P.
Ellina P.
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