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Metric Practice

Practice using and understanding common metric units of measurement.

Charles Hardy

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Metric Practice

Output 1
Measuring things in science and in most other places around the world use the metric system of measurements. This activity is intended to help you review and understand the metric units that are commonly used.
Mass = The measurement of the amount of _____1a

Measured on a _________________1b

Gram = About the mass of ________________1c

Kilogram = The mass of __________________1d

Milligram = The mass of _________________1f
Measure Metric
Kilogram, gram, milligram, are used to measure mass. Mass is measured on a balance.
Liter, kiloliter & cubic meter, milliliter & cc measure volume. Volume is measured using a syringe or a graduated cylinder.
Meter, kilometer, centimeter, millimeter, measure distance. Distance is measured using a ruler.
Distance = the measurement from __________2a

Distance is measured using a ________________2b

The meter is about _______________________2c

The kilometer is close to ___________________2d

The mm is about the thickness of __________2e

The cm is about _______________2f
Output 2
Output 3
Volume = the measurement of _________3a

Volume is measured using a __________3b
and a ___________ _____________3c

The liter is about the volume of __________3d

The kiloliter is exactly the same as a ______3e
and is about the volume of ___________

The milliliter is exactly the same as a _______3f
and is about the volume of a ____________3g
is a push or a pull. In Physics Newtons measure force and weight using a spring scale.
Output 4
Forces and weight are measured on a

____________ ____________4a using

metric units called ________________4b
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