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Crane Strain

No description

Carlos Fernandez

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Crane Strain

The Crane Strain By. Carlos Fernandez ~40 crafting sticks.
~Bottle of Tacky glue.
~2 Pieces of 1/4" wood. Materials To get a evenly stable, firm, and reliable crane boom I searched for frequently used structures and patterns on modern booms. I found that inverted triangles and "X" Patterns prove to be very efficient in creating dependable booms capable of withstanding a variety of loads. Research Crane stability is also dependent on its weight. A crane is stable when the sum of all movements about the base equal zero, which in other words means the size of the load on the crane has to be less than what would be required to tip the crane over. Seeing as though we have a limit on our supplies, that factor shouldn't be much of a boundary in this test. Other Factors Although my final product came out
a bit different than the original idea, it was for the better and it gave it more support all throughout the boom rather than one area. So in order here is the process of the booms creation and the rest. Procedure Sketch
up Design Sketches Chart
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