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No description

ashley stethem

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of MIME

MIME Players

There Needs to be 2 Groups

The 2 groups needs two or more players Objects

Group 1 and Group 2 have a person that plays the mime.
The person that is the mime must act out what the card says without speaking or making any sounds. The game is Non-Verbal Communication How To Play 1. There Needs to Be two Groups. Group 1 and Group 2.
There Needs to be at least two players in each group. 2. There are 3 sets of playing Cards

3)Objects 3. Group 1 and Group 2 Need to decide who plays the Mime. The Mime is not allowed to speak only act out with hands and facial expressions. The Mime can't make any noises or sounds. For instance if the mime in Group 1 makes a noise Group 2 gets 1 point.
If the mime from Group 1 says a word then Group 2 gets 2 points. The Rule of the Mime Silence is Golden 4)Each Card has points 1-5 points
Depending on easy to Hard. If Guessed correctly the team keeps the card with the points. But if the team doesn't guess the card correctly, the card is placed off to the side in the mime box. 5)Group one mime goes first the mime can draw any card of the Three choices of cards to act out.

Either 1) Phrases 2) Emotions 3) Objects The Group only has 1 to 2 minutes to answer correctly
what the mime is acting out. After the time is up
if Group 1doesn't guess the right answer then Group 2 is able to have 3 guesses of
what Group 1 mime was trying to act out if guess correctly Group 2 gets to keep the card and the points. 6)Next is Group 2 turn same rules apply. The mime has 1-2 minutes to guess what their mime is trying to act out off the card they choose. If guessed wrong group 1 has 3 chances to guess what the mime was signing. If guessed right Group one gets to keep the card and points. 7) The cards that niether Group 1 or Group 2 got right are put off to the side of the game in the mime box till the end of the game. 8) The game isn't over untill all the cards have been played or the players call quiets. When all the cards have been played Group 1 and Group 2 take the cards they have guessed correctly and add up all the points they won, which ever group has the most points wins the Mime. Game pieces 1)Timer
2)Stop watch
3)Mime Box(For lost cards Niether team won)
4) 3sets of playing Cards
5)Score cards Game Variations If a person in the group doesn't want to be the mime throughout the whole game the members in the group can take turns. But remember once you are given the title of the MIME
you can't make any sound or noise until the card being played is won or lost. Remember if a mime in a group makes a sound 1 point goes to the other group and for any word sayed 2 points is given to the other group. Game is for Players 10years of age to Adult Creators of MIME

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