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Ecosystem: Natural Bidge Caverns

No description

Aaron Oliver

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Ecosystem: Natural Bidge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns:
by Aaron Oliver Location: San Antonio, Texas
Climate:21 Degrees C/70 Degrees F
There in no rainfall in the cave. The Little Brown Bat It is a carnivore because it eats bugs. This animal's habitat is usually in caves Food Web Sun Plants Bugs Bats Food Chain Adaptations
Flight: easy maneuverability and to catch small quickly moving insects.
Hibernation: weather and food abundance requires the bats to conserve energy.
Echo-location: will send out waves that will bounce off objects and come back at the bat so they can maneuver around it during the night. Symbiotic relationship:
Outside the cave are flowers which bats feed on. (Nectar-eating bats) Some bats feed on nectar and pollen. The nectar is energy and the pollen is protein. While the bats are eating, pollen brushes up on it's fur. Then the bats flys away pollenating the flowers below. Humans disrupting a cave:
Just stepping into a cave can change it by wearing down the rocks. Throughout years, caves can become corrupt through human exposure. This is where the Natural Bridge Caverns got it's name. I saw some interesting formations while I was there.
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