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Liam Brown

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of mm mmnm mmmm, m m m m mm mm mm mmmmmm m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm

Finn macool
The voyage of Bran
Dagda's harp Legends of Celtic Mythology -a random woman appears
-she gives bran a branch with white blossoms
-she sings him a song (or lay)
-she tells him to sail away
-he hears music
-he has a dream of the strange woman
-with nine followers he sets off The journey -they sail for two days and two nights
-on the third day they see a chariot flying over the sea
-it is the god of the sea Manannan Macler
-he then tells him about how amazing his son-to-be will be
-Manannan Macler flies on
-Bran and his campanions find land
-the island is inhabited by beautiful trees and women
-they have a queen (the woman from Bran's dream) Emne, the land of the immortals -the companions of Bran start to get homesick
-but the queen only let them sail to gaze upon their land
one last time
-they encounter the land of merriment
-they sail on and get to Ireland
-one of the companions goes to the people on Ireland
-he immediately drops dead
-Bran realized what had happened and sails back to the land of the Immortals FOREVER Dagda's Harp Finn Macool -he was a famous warrior
-he seeked the knowledge of the everknowing salmon
-Finn caught it
-while cooking it some juice squirted on his hand
-he immediately stuck it in his mouth
-now whenever he sticks his thumb in his mouth he
gained any knowledge he seeked The voyage of Bran to the land of the immortals -there was a war between two tribes
-one had golden hair and blue eyes
-the Formorians had dark hair/eyes
-Dagda was the leader of the golden guys
-the Formorians stole Dagda's harp
-Dagda went to get his harp back
-he finds it and uses three spells
-he escapes with his harp Bibliography Ireland Now Sacredtexts.com Mannanan.com i3.ytimg.com eagles.1011.pbworks.com Toptenz.net THE END parablestoday.com The legend of Dullahan -he is a headless guy who rides a black stallion who shoots flames
-when he stops, someone dies
-if you see him coming down the road you will either get a bucket of blood dropped on your head or you'll be blinded in one eye
-or he'll just rip out your soul irishcultureandcustoms.com
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