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Margaret Bayard Smith

No description

Max s

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of Margaret Bayard Smith

Margaret Smith
avid writer
more into politics than most women were back in her day
a feminist
social but she doesn't like to be in the spotlight 24/7
polite and well-mannered

Character Traits
Her Priorities
Margaret Smith advocated for women’s rights and gender equality.
Position Today
If she was a politician today, Mrs. Smith would probably be the Secretary of State.
It is likely she would be involved in foreign affairs as in her diary, she mentions feeling bad for slaves and the less fortunate.
Her primary concern would be to help less fortunate people such as those in third world countries.
She was also an avid writer. The Secretary of State has to do a lot of writing for her job.
By Max, Jared, Kathryn, Sarah, and Tiffany
Margaret Bayard Smith
A modern day comparison to Mrs. Smith would be Hilary Clinton.
Hilary Clinton is a modern version of a woman stepping into powerful position, which is what Mrs. Smith wanted to be.
Mrs. Smith was well educated on politics and wanted to help those less fortunate. Similar to what Hilary Clinton did as Secretary of State by aiding foreign nations.
Hilary Clinton proceeded to become Secretary of State after she ran for President.
Hilary Clinton was the First Lady while Bill Clinton was president, and Mrs. Smith was married to the Secretary of State.
Being on the scene in Washington through marriage educated both woman about politics greatly, causing an undeniable resemblance.
Modern day Bayard Smith
Helping in Poverty

Excerpts from her journal:
"I will endeavor to improve...and promote
the happiness and welfare of my children
and neighbors."

"Is there any other country, in which such
earnest and good feelings would have
governed the populace?"

"The women here are taking a station in society which is not known elsewhere. [...] Last night Mr Ogilvie while he censured the frivolous, elevated the rest of our sex, not only to an equality but I think to a superiority to the other sex. [...] Ladies and gentlemen stand and walk about the rooms, in mingled groups, which certainly produces more ease, freedom and equality than in those rooms where the ladies sit and wait for gentlemen to approach to converse."

The First Forty Years of Washington Society
She was quite concerned with how all the slaves and workmen appeared very poor and under dressed.
In addition to her social activities, she dedicated some of her time to helping with the poor.
She baked her own bread, reared four children, and aided the poor.
Women's station has been elevated
Women can now casually converse with men on their own accord. (No more "Speak when you're spoken to.")
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