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My EPQ Journey

No description

Bethany Cameron

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of My EPQ Journey

My EPQ Journey

Bethany Cameron Why did I choose my topic? Interest in science
Desire to study Dentistry
An aspect of Dentistry I wanted to find out more about
Dentistry The Golden Ratio
1:1.618 Aesthetics Final title How did I develop my EPQ title? What did I learn from my research? Secondary Research Primary Research Questionnaire Strengths of my project What difficulties did I have to overcome? What would I do differently if I completed another EPQ? My final outcome - A report The six smiles The Golden Ratio Shows the most beautiful things
Can you measure beauty? What makes the 'perfect' smile? 1. What is the link between the golden ratio and Dentistry? 2. The golden ratio and natural beauty of a smile I used the six smiles and I asked the general public to rank them
Asked people what they believe is the most important component of a smile
Completed by 25 people Analysis of the smiles Measurements taken by hand (golden rectangle and Levin's grids
Measurements taken using PhiDental software
Colour of each smile Talking to Experts Dr Marr
Golden ratio
Dental aesthetics

Dr Firoozmand
Components of a smiles
Emotions and personality Information from the internet
Information from Dental research papers
Book: 'Your Jaws Your Life' The six smiles
Analysis of the smiles (by hand/PhiDental)
Interviews/conversations with subject professionals Key components of a smile
Link between human opinion and the golden ratio
Feelings and personality behind the smile Incorporates all research
Explanation of results
Formula The formula for a 'perfect' smile Generic components + specifics + emotional/ personal considerations = a perfect smile
(+ advantages). Opinions and scientific research
Range of techniques used
Helped me with university applications and interviews Finding balance of the depth of the detail
Producing the questionnaire
Analysing the results of the questionnaire
Difficult to know when to stop... Any Questions? Talk to more professionals
More advanced measuring techniques
Larger case study of smiles
More research on emotional/personal ideas behind a smile What skills did I learn from completing an EPQ? Time management and organisation
Independent learning
Communication skills in a professional environment
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