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Iroquois Theatre Floor Plan

No description

Robin Mitchell

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Iroquois Theatre Floor Plan

(Chicago’s Awful Theater Horror)
Front of House
(Iroquois Theatre...Chicago, Souvenir Promgramme)
The Grand Foyer
Evacuees being lead across boards to the building next door
(The Tacoma Times)
The audience members would have walked through here on the way to their seats. Patrons were of the upper middle class and upper class.
"Mr. C. H. Cubbon, a contractor and builder, with his two sons and five workmen happened to be employed in the Northwestern University Law School, adjoining the theater, at the time of the fire. As quickly as possible they ran three planks across the alley fro the window fire escape to the Iroquois. Over this narrow bridge, forty feet above the street, came all who were saved from the upper part of the doomed building (Memento of the Iroquois Fire)."
("Fire Kills over 600 People at Iroquois Theater in Chicago")

Gates like these lead to the balconies and were kept locked, making it difficult for patrons to exit the building.
(Chicago's Awful Theatre Horror)
Ventilators that were nailed shut.
(Chicago's Awful Theater Horror)
Firemen had to burrow their way through piles of bodies to find the few living.
Floor plan of the Iroquois Theatre
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