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Lawrence Group-Conservation Land

No description

Adam Martin

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Lawrence Group-Conservation Land

Lawrence Group Mid-South
Conservation Land

Clay County, IL CRP Land
Total Acres: 1,984.30
Enrolled in CRP: 1,690.90
**This land generates $270,536 annually for 15 years.
Enrolled in October of 2014
Consist of CP21 (Grass Practice) and CP22 (Tree Practice)
Tree planting began in the Spring of 2015
Stoddard County, MO WRE Land

Total Acres: 711.60 WRE Purchase Price: $1,941,597.00
One time transaction
Scheduled to close Summer 2015
Stoddard County, MO Dace WRP
Total Acres: 138.00
Hunting Lease: $5,000/Yr.
Dunklin County, MO WRE Land
Total Acres: 1,405.00
Hunting Lease: $50,000.00
Left out of easement for developement
Left out of easement
for developement
Mississippi County, AR WRE Land
Total Acres: 510.90
WRE Purchase Price: $876,760.00
**One time transaction
Missouri Acres Revenue
Root/Stallcup: 11.30 $1,140.00
Dace: 138.00 $5,000.00
Dunklin Co.: 12.80
Gum Island: 1,405.00 $50,000.00
Pierce: 711.60 **$1,941,597.00

Clay County: 1,984.30 $270,011.33

Toehead 510.90 **$876,760.00

CRP: 69.56 $3,923.50
Sharkey, Co: 4,588.00 $62,580.00
Tillable: 2,187.78
N-Tillable: 2,400.22
Levee: 366.00 $11,000.00
Nugent: 170.00 $20,000.00
Isole: 611.00 $13,750.00

Total: 10,578.46ac. $437,404.83/yr.

Sharkey County, MS Hunting Property
Leased to Bear Ground Too Hunting Club
4,588 ac.
**Indicate One Time Transaction
Issaquena County, MS Hunting Property
Acres: 366.00
Lease: $11,000/yr.
Boliver County, MS Isole Hunting Property
Acres: 611.00
Leased: $13,750.00/yr.
Boliver County, MS Nugent Hunting Property
Acers: 170.00
Lease: $20,000.00/yr.

Will be receiving in 2015
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