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Modern Methods of Construction

No description

Balan Venkatramani

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Modern Methods of Construction

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)
Definition of MMC:
A term adopted by the housing corporation and the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) to
refer to a variety of innovative building approaches, including off-site construction
Tower Cranes
Traditional Methods - Craft Based
What is MMC?
Slip Form
Often considered MMC and includes:
Off-site preassembly
Hybrid Systems
Panellised Systems
Modular Buildings
Lift Slab
Top Down
By the end of this session;
understand what MMC stands for
understand a few common MMC techniques
understand the drivers of MMC
All the 33 prefabricated lavatory pods were brought to the site on trucks and then hoisted into position prior to linking up to the service riser
‘Rethinking Construction’ Egan report (1998)

10% reductions in annual capital cost and construction time
20% reduction in defects and accidents
10% increase in productivity and profitability
10% increase in predictability of project performance

SIP Panel
Insulated Concrete Formwork
Future of MMC
It can only improve and move forward especially given the severe legislations on Sustainability and efficient yet passive buildings
Robotic Construction
Drivers of MMC

SAM - Bricklaying Robot
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