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Maria Montessori Education Centre

No description

Kathleen Asher

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of Maria Montessori Education Centre

Maria Montessori Education Centre
Calgary, Alberta
1st Year Adolescent Program

Prepared Environment / Occupations / Community Service
1) Initial Headquarters Setup
Self- Expressions

Preparation for Adult Life
Psychic Development
Unexpected Science
Plants as Food and Fiber
Evolving with Synergy- Occupations and Community Service
The Apple Lady!
Seven Students
Six with Montessori backgrounds
Personal and collaborative Art
Challenge? - How directed should the scheduling be for math and reading seminars (can we just average once a week)? How about the creative expressions? Does this depend on how work is going?

Drama as Development
Mindfulness Skill Building
Technical aspects of language and Seminars
Math Practice/ Projects and Seminars
Challenge: Scientific methodology - when do students take time to study this - as a prerequisite for science projects moving forward?

Natural Science

Social Studies
-Canadian Timeline
-Human Rights
-Traditional First Nation and Colonial Perspectives on the land
-Current Affairs

Meta-cognition Guidance
IT- integrated organically: googlemaps, keyboarding, gmail accounts
Challenge: How much is too much?

Worm Man

Business Planning:
Good Food Box

2 x year, 4 nights

Orientation Month-
Perspective of land

Will students benefit from a classroom website for students to access resources?
Lest we forget... down Time
Are the expectations for students to do their own planning
taking too much time from traditional academics?
Are they getting enough technical instruction, or too much independent learning?
How can I tactfully bring in current affairs, to be meaningful, hopeful, and optimistic?
Is the daily schedule optimized for student learning?
Are students being interrupted too much (by me, or the by the schedule?
Reminders to self:

Don't kill the good for the sake of the perfect.

This is a process.

Development is happening.
Am I tracking student work effectively?
How can I observe more effectively?
Meeting Curriculum Requirements

The Foundation of the Program Design
Do my key lessons make sense for the students?
Are they engaging enough?
How am I adapting to their interests?
How can I?
apple products (coming soon),
bulk food distribution service (exploration),
compost products (end of year),
crafts (decoupage items, holiday cards)

First Nation oral story tradition
creation myth relaed
technical reading (operators manual)
biology (turtle shell design)
September 8 to October 27, 2015

Seven weeks in to the first Montessori Adolescent Program in Central Canada.

How to cover government required curriculum
components while so much time is taken in planning, developing community, occupations.
Budgeting- economic independence
35 minute bike ride (Sept/Oct and May/June)
Science and Social Studies Curriculum Connections:
Ecosystems, Plants as Food and Fiber
First Nations and Pioneer Perspectives
Are students too involved in planning- going out forms, research, google maps / transportation - at the cost of time for formal study?
Calgary Harvest
Pioneer History
Plants as Food and Fiber
Math Problems
Geographic Knowledge/ Mapping
Voting rights in Canada
Current Affairs
Canadian Values - citizenship
...seguey into human rights
sharing of traditions
Colonial History
...seguey into historical fiction writing
Math and Election Results:
-percentage/ analysis
-gendre studies

Local Event: Wordfest - meeting real authors; Fully student organized - inspirational
-Career connections
-Science and Socials Connections
-Language Studies
-Physical Education

Challenge: Current Affairs- how to integrate selectively, honoring the integrity of the individual.

Drop-in tea or lunch for
English as a Second Language
practice for Calgary's newcomers
Year Plan

Museum of Machinery
30 to 40 minute bike ride
2nd Period :
Exploration of ideas for Historical Fiction
3rd Period complete story

1st period visit/ terminology
2nd period: learn about ecosystem flow diagrams - species studies, more visits,
3rd period choose an ecosystem flow diagram and apply to Weaselhead local geographic features.

Occupation: invasive plant species mitigation. (Fescue Rescue, with potential for data analysis)

A reflective practice: So many ponderings.

Citizenship/ Waste Management and potential Occupation (And, so we can compost our apples.)
November/ December
Exploring the business model

How in the world do I do this!!?? (Do WE do this)? We are inprocess of forging relationships with community specialists. But still, a daunting task.


Federal Election at the neighborhood voting station
Challenge: Calgary Weather!
September/ October and May/ June are days when we can bike, if we're lucky. It's partly because of these natural parametres that there is so much exposure to land based work at the beginning, an likely at the end of each school year.

Even so, the weather and seasons are unpredictable!...

Sept 10, 2014
August 5, 2015
-late summer freak hail storm severely impacted apple yields. We found one good tree in our neighborhood to harvest. And even that had significant hail damage.

Do we need a GST #?

How 'real' is this business going to be?
Doesn't it take a full time job to run a business?
Can we have a stand at Cross Roads Market?
Community Service: Land Stewardship, Mitigation,
Public Awareness
Occupation: Care /Maintenance/ Enhancement of Headquarters: students see and manage budget

Beside my Desk:
Daily Schedule
Unifying Elements
Challenge- Museum of Machinery
Is it serving a purpose? We're practicing keyboarding skills and so the old typewriter has been off the shelf as a visual tool. Do I encourage the students to do anything with this collection? Or, do I just wait for the opportunities to present themselves?
Completion of Umbrella third Period lesson: community
First mini-full cycle lesson: community
3rd Period was puzzle piece with artist statement:
Committed to accessibility for average income earning families.
We are a low tuition school.

Educational Syllabus A
Gala Fundraiser Art Piece - reminder:
low tuition school.
3) Odyssey Trip
4) Weaselhead Natural Area
2) Calgary Harvest
The Evolving Business
Solution for low apple yield due to hail
Program of Studies: Part B
Educational Syllabus

Experientially developing the skill of conscious awareness
Reading Seminars relating to community and ecoystems: Chapters 3 and 4

Relates to Ecosystems
Our diseased mint plant
Tree rings, collected
from workers excavating 20 feet from the front door of our building...

A 15 minute opportunity, to see the hedges of their childhood disappear.

Great personal seguey to development and Canadian History, but...
It wasn't in the plans!

Community Service
Note: Major tie-ins to Canadian History, Cultural Studies, Languages and Immigration
These are the apples the students harvested with Calgary Harvest, the week prior.
Slept in cabins of 4, wood heat, minus 6 degrees celcius at night. Astronomy studies, Pioneer studies, and Canadian Values with land conservation.
Student concept design,
Choice with how to contribute
Symbolism, tied in to 'community'
and adolesence.
specialist: Permaculturist/ Ecological Designer
Specialist: Newcomer, prior teacher, from Mexico
Enjoying Day of Dead decor, while completing End of Day tasks.
Student did all meal planning, budgeting, events planning, and navigation/ transportation plans. Plus, post trip reflections
Outfitters Camp, with 70+ year old cowboy who homesteaded on the Canadian prairie, as a boy, in late 1930s

Exploring possibilities of production for exchange.
tried out:

apple sauce

6 apple pies,
3 plannedrecipes
3 groups of 2 or 3 students

Gifted one to our hosts

Sampled the rest.

Note: Student with horse alergy, made the dough with a volunteer community member

Is that alright?? How to make it meaningful without derailing our schedule?

Again- how much of this liaising should be done by me? And how much by the students? They're on board with idea...

Again: do I liaise with CrossRoads Market for a stall? Or do students makethis connection? Do I make the initial connection?
Where is the ground I'm standing on???

Mission Statement
Land as the Essential Teacher

Program of Studies

5) Gala Fundraiser
August 5, 2015
DAY 1:
DAY 2:
3 Canadian Authors Present on three new books
Over here!...
third week of school
Later on that day...
Pondering: My three period lessons seem to roll into and in between one another. Is this effective? Is there a better way?
When do I employ linear structures to planning?
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