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Roanoke River Basin

No description

Anna Carson Quinn

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Roanoke River Basin

Roanoke River Basin
By: Decatur and Anna Carson Where is the river basin located?
The Roanoke River Basin extends from north central North Carolina almost to the coast. It flows from the eastern edge of the Appalachian mountains in Southern Virginia, southeast across the Piedmont to the Albemarle sound in northeastern North Carolina. Summary of the Roanoke River Basin: -2,213 total miles of streams and rivers
-81,631 total acres of lakes
-1,476 total acres of estuary
-42 municipalities within the basin
-17 counties within the basin
-all together, the basin is 3,493 acres
-the population as of 2010 was 289,784 Major towns, cities, industries and farms:
Some major towns and/or cities within the Roanoke River Basin are Front Royal, Washington, Plymouth, Windsor, Yanceyville, Winston Salem, Oxford, Greensboro, and Williamston. Some major industries would be agriculture, grocery, automobile, transportation and ware housing, and construction and mining. Some major farms would be Summerset Farms, New Colony Farms, Prodigal Farms, Lyon Farms, and Breeze Family Farms. How do you think the population of the river basin is related to the water quality?
If the water quality is good there will be a higher population but if the water quality is bad the population would be much lower. Plants and Wildlife native to the river basin:
Some animals native to the Roanoke River Basin are white-tailed deer, wild turkey, black bears, striped bass, herring and 214 different bird species. There are also many different types of water snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous. All I could find on plants was that there are 47 rare plant and animal species in the Roanoke River Basin. Summarize the concerns about the current quality of the river basin.
The water quality in this river basin is generally good. Although only 9% of the streams are impaired, 27% of the streams are threatened, primarily from polluted runoff. Sediment is the major concern.
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