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Music Theory Presentation

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Wolvie Cosmos

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Music Theory Presentation

Teiani, Matt, and Justin Bach Life and Death Bach (who's full name is Johann Sebastian Bach) was born in Eisenach, Germany on March 21, 1685.
He died on July 28, 1750, in Leipzig, Germany. Famous Works The Well- Tempered Clavier
Toccata and Fugue in D minor
The Brandenburg Concertos
Mass in B Minor
St. John Passion
Cantata No. 106
Easter Oratorio
The Musical Offering
St. Matthews Passion How he Contributed to Music Today Bach helped to usher in the Classical era.
He was famous for his use of Counterpoint
(Counterpoint is the addition of independent melodies above or below the original melody.) Many of his works have survived to today, and are considered to be excellent.
Bach composed over 1,100 compositions. Interesting Facts Bach's former employer sent him to prison, because he did not wanted him to keep working for him.
Between his two wives, Bach had 20 kids, although not all of them survived past adulthood.
Bach had to copy down all of the music that he played and gave out, because printing did not exist.
In his 20's, Bach pulled out a sword on a bassoonist who accused him of slander (in other words, he said Bach said something about someone else that wasn't true.)
Bach never ventured out of 150 mile radius of his birthplace, so he never left Germany. A Link to Modern Music He was one of the first to use Counterpoint in an intricate way.
He practically invented four-part chorale writing.
He mastered the art of the fugue.
The complexity of his music was never seen before paving the way for today's complex melodies. Biography He was the youngest son of a town musician
When he was ten, he was orphaned, so he went to live with his brother.
At fifteen, he learned how to play the organ.
Bach married Marina Barbara Bach a year before his first job as a composer.
He composed and played the organ for the Duke of Sax and Prince Leopold. During these years, he became well known as a composer.
After his wife died, he married Anna Magdalena
He received two eye surgeries by an experimental surgeon, which helped to speed up his death.
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