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Kristin König

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Sustainability

Sustainability The Road to becoming Indigenous Masdar City Conclusion Time Line The Beginning Dude the Turtle Agenda What did we learn? 1285
First commission to investigate the evils of coal smoke Do you think the behavior of humans back than prevented the ice age?
Solar Energy Maximum use of natural light
Lower energy lightening SMART Water applicances:
determines the level of water usage
determines water leaks throughout the city

Water demand is half in this eco city than in a regular community Narrow streets are planned at an angel that maximizes shade at ground level
Transaformation of social standards and creating new pedestrian community Unerground network of tunnels for electric cars
Zero Carbon Electricity supply "Who cares about sustainability when you can industrialize! " Steffen argues that greening starts from 2015 on whereas Hart states that greening is a long and winding road, which started already in the 70's. How would you link the three different economies proposed by Hart (2010) to the events of the 2nd Anthropocene stage ? 22 April 1970
First Earth Day 1910
Haber Bosch Synthesis 1870 - 1914
Decrease in Waterborne Disease through sanitation
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