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SP2014 Pledge Meeting 1

No description

Pledge Trainer

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of SP2014 Pledge Meeting 1

Pledge Meeting 1

Welcome to Alpha Phi Omega!
- National Service Fraternity
- Motto: "Be a Leader, Be a Friend, Be of Service"
- LFS - 3 Cardinal Priniciples
- Leadership
- Friendship
- Service
Pledging Timeline
Alpha Phi Omega National Fraternity
Executive Panel
President: Louis Blanc
1st VP of Service Internal:
Krisha Somayalajula
1st VP of Service External:
Hilary Lohman
2nd VP of Pledge Training Male:
Akshay Verma
2nd VP of Pledge Training Female:
Crystal Erpelo
3rd VP of Communications:
Stephanie Fessler
4th VP of Membership:
Rachel Bessonny
5th VP of Finance:
Travis Pollitt
Leadership Chair:
Lauren Wolf
Fellowship Chair:
Brian Sanderson
Dynasty Chair
: Tara Braceros
Sean Keane
Sergeant at Arms:
Amanda Gattone
Pledge Trainers(PT's)
Who we are
- 2nd Vice Presidents of Pledge Training
What we do
- Serve on Executive Board
- Oversee PTAs, Director, and Rush Chair
- Educate and lead Pledges into Active membership
- Contact us about pressing matters or emergencies
- Email: pt.apo.aa@gmail.com
Akshay Verma
Junior, MCB and Chem
JK Brolings (Fall 2012)

Call me Ak
I hiked in Nepal over winter break
Crystal Erpelo
Junior in Early Childhood Education
JK Rowling (Fall 2012)

I love tacos.
I play rag time.
Pledge Training Assistants (PTA's)
What we do
- Assist the Pledge Trainers
- Lead Small Groups
- Provide a more personal mentoring role for you!
- First point of contact
Pledge Program Leadership
Director Of Pledge Training
- In charge of Pledge Parents and Small Group Meetings
- Contact if you have questions about Pledge Families
- Email: pt.director.apo.aa@gmail.com
Rush Chair
- Oversees Rush Coordinators
- In charge of Rush portion of Pledge Program
- Contact about Rush Requirements
- Email: rush.apo.aa@gmail.com

- J.K. Rowling Pledge Class
- Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, minor in Urban Planning
- Spent Spring 2013 navigating through Middle Earth (New Zealand)
Kelsey Vlamis
Sophomore, History
NPH Class

I'm an RA at PAR
I've been run over by a car
And other extreme things
Joel Sarmiento
Maddie Mazurek and Damien Banks
Alyssa Zimmer and Varun Raja
Dan Bodemer and Lalita Nivasnanda
Camille Certeza and Peter Schmidt
Peter Florido and Kelly Sprague
Becca Furstenau and Leah Valenti
Veronica Mullen and Ryan McGuire
Lukasz Kosakowski and Beckie Magnuson
Amy Cloy and Matt Bohm
Trent Rehusch and Jennie Stevens
PTA Pairs
Region I
Region II
Region III
Region IV
Region V
Region VII
Region VI
Region VIII
Region IX
Region X
Region XI
Section 31
Section 46
Section 47
Section 50
Section 51
Section 53
Section 55
Alpha Alpha
Delta Psi
Eta Epsilon
Omega Epsilon
Theta Epsilon
Zeta Alpha
Alpha Zeta Omega
Eureka Petitioning Group
Brothers Abroad
You are a Rushee because you:
- Attended a Rush Informational Meeting
- Have an interest in Alpha Phi Omega

To make the transition from Rushee to Pledge you must:
- Complete Pre-Ritual Requirements and attend Pledge Ritual

You are a Pledge because you:
- Completed Pre-Ritual Requirements
- Attended Pledge Ritual (Feb. 16th)

To make the transition from Pledge to Active you must:
- Complete Pledge Requirements and attend Initiation

New Active
You are a New Active because you:
- Completed Pledge Requirements
- Attended Initiation

To continue being an Active you must:
- Complete your Active Requirements next semester (and every semester following that)
Pledging Process
- 1 Rush Informational Meeting
- 1 Rush Event or 1 L, F, or S Event
- 1st Set of Dues
- Pledge Parent - Kid Matching Event (Feb. 10th-13th)
- Pledge Ritual (Feb. 16th)
Pre-Ritual Requirements
Pledge Requirements
10 Pledge Meetings
3 Active Meetings
6 Fellowship
6 Leadership
20 Service
4 Service Back
1 Dynasty Point
3 Pledge Project Points
3 Quizzes
1 Governing Documents Workshop
2nd Set of Dues
Completed Pledge Book
Pledge Reflection
Pledge Review (If needed)
Halfway Deadline
March 9th (Pledge Meeting 6)
8 Service Hours
3 Fellowship
2 Leadership
1 Service Back
1 Active Meeting

Portion of Pledge Book
- 1 Office Hour
- PTA Conference
-1 Kindnapping
-At least 1 Interview
2 Sets of Dues
1st Set of Dues is $45
Due NEXT WEDNESDAY, February 12th at 11:59 PM
2nd Set of Dues is $35
Due April 10th at 11:59 PM

If you have any concerns about paying dues, please talk to us after the meeting.
Pledge Project
Chapter, Campus, Community, Country

Purpose: Educate pledge class on how to organize projects so that you can lead the chapter in the future

Must complete 3 Pledge Project Points
You receive Pledge Project Points for each of the following:
- Small Group Community Project
- Campus Project
- Chapter Project
- Country Fundraiser Shifts
- Being a Small Group Leader
- Pledge Project Planning Committee
Become a brother of Alpha Phi Omega

Tuesday April 15th at 7 pm
Illini Ballroom
Pledge Reflection and Review
Pledge Reflection
- Reflecting on pledging semester
- Transition to active membership
- Sunday April 6th at 5 pm

Pledge Review
- Active body approves or denies you to initiate into active membership.
Important Dates
Wednesday, Feb 12th, 11:59 pm
: 1st Sets of Dues
Sunday, Feb 16th, 2:00 pm
: Pledge Ritual

Feb 28th-Mar 1st
: Pledge Lock-In
Mar 9th
: Halfway Deadline @ Pledge Meeting #6

Apr 6th
5 pm
: Reflection
Apr 10th
11:59 PM
: 2nd Set of Dues
Apr 10th
8 pm
: Review
Apr 15th, 7 pm
: Initiation
Meeting Attendance
Ceremony Attendance
Presidential Address
Our very own Louis Blanc the IV
Meeting Attendance Policy
- Required to attend 10 Pledge Meetings
- Allowed 2 excused absences
- Must email us with reason

- Any missed pledge meetings MUST be made up before the next pledge meeting.
- Make up meetings will occur on
9 PM
1057 Lincoln Hall
Quiz Policy
3 Quizzes

Must get an 80% to pass
Allowed to make up 1 quiz at designated make up meetings
Ceremony Attendance Policy

(Feb. 16th at 2 pm)
- Contact us ASAP if you cannot attend Ritual

(Apr. 6th at 5 pm)
- Excused absence form due March 30th
(Pledge Meeting #8)

(Apr. 15th at 7 pm)
- Excused absence form due March 30th
(Pledge Meeting #8)
Website Information

Use this site to:
- Sign up for events
- Update your profile
- Check your requirement progress
- Look up other members
- Pay dues
- Vote for awards
How to sign up for an event
Toast Song
- The Toast Song is the official fraternity song.
- It is sung at the end of fraternity functions (meetings, ceremonies, conferences, etc.).
- Each chapter has their own slightly modified version. You will learn both the chapter and the national versions.
(Begin with circling up and wrapping arms over neighbors' shoulders)
Here's to Alpha Phi Omega,
Loyal Brothers We,
True to Self and to Each Other,
Firm in Loyalty,
Daily Working, Daily Striving,
Ever More To Be (To Be..)
True to Alpha Phi Omega,
Our Fraternity...
(Cross arms right over left and join hands.)
Brothers Clasp The Hands of Brothers,
Strong The Circle We,
Ever Mindful, Ever Serving
All Humanity
Now We Raise Our Grateful Voices
In Our Song To Thee (To Thee..)
True To Alpha Phi Omega,
May We Always Be! (1,2,3)

Chapter Version
Applications for the following will go live once we send out the Weekly Email to you tonight:

- Pledge Class Officers
- Country Service Project
- Pledge Class Dedication
- You will have to speak at Elections February 23rd if selected (2 min Speech)

- Pledge Historian(s)

Applications due

11:59 pm.

Pledge Class Officers
- President
- 1st VP of Service Internal
- 1st VP of Service External
- 3rd VP of Communications
- 4th VP of Membership
- 5th VP of Finance
- Leadership Chair
- Fellowship Chair
- Dynasty Chair
- Secretary
- Sergeant-at-Arms

We will be including descriptions of duties
in the email tonight!!
Country Project
- Part of Pledge Project
- Fundraisers in benefit of a national nonprofit organization
- We will be accepting nominations for a specific organization to raise money for
- Speech should include who the organization impacts on a national scale and why it is meaningul to our pledge class
Pledge Class Dedication
Named after a prominent figure who exemplifies LFS

Mother Theresa Spring 2001
Ellen Degeneres Fall 2010
J.K. Rowling Fall 2012
-Make an account on APOOnline
-Pay first set of dues by Wednesday
-If you did not attend a rush event, attend one event before Pledge Ritual
-Check your e-mails tonight for leadership role applications and
- Welcome to APO
- Pledging Timeline
- Requirements
- Important Dates
- Policies
- Website
- 3 min person
- Guest Speaker - Presidential Address
- Executive Panel
- Good And Welfare
- Toast Song
Creating an Account
Post a picture of your face
Write in your phone number

....And start signing up for events!
Use this site to:
- Look up officer contact information
- Find FAQ
- Find specific forms
- Find everything you need to know about the Pledge Program
- APO history and traditions
How to Pay Dues
Pledge Class Historians
- Take pictures throughout semester
- Create Pledge Yearbook
- Help with Video Collage
- Create Pledge Section in Apothegm
- Write article for Pledge Section
- Recruit 1-2 more Pledges to write another article
- Help with Video Collage
- Work with Veronica, the PTA!
Event Policies
Service Events:
- Can remove yourself up to 48 hours before event

Fellowship and Leadership Events:
- Can remove yourself up to 24 hours before event

Penalties for Missing an Event
- Half of the points given for the event will be ADDED to your requirements

Weekly Email
Will contain:
- Important Information for the week
- Upcoming dates
- Forms and Applications
Battle Rock-Paper-Scissors
- Play RPS with the person next to you.
- If you win, play someone else in your row.
- If you lose, sit down and cheer on the person you lost to
Play until there is only one!
3 Minute Person
Good 'N Welfare
-Chapter Tradition at meetings

-Thanking brothers who have gone above and beyond

Facebook Group

- We will be including a link to the Facebook Group in our email tonight
- Please join our community!
- Food next week if half of our Pledge Class posts about what they did over winter break
Non-Native English Speakers or International Students

Find us after the meeting!
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