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Helpful Tools


Melissa Hunneyman

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Helpful Tools

Helpful Tools Braille Clothing Tag Talking Clock Braille Watch Braille Timer Helpful tools/technology make daily living possible for many individuals that face challenges due to different disabilities. Braille Uno Braille Keyboard Your Task: With your partner reseach helpful tools/ technology for indiviudals with disabilities like the people in our story "Streching Ourselves". You will need to pick at least 6 different tools to develop your own Prezi like the one I showed you.
You must include a short description of each of the items that you picked. The clothing tag provides the individual with a description of what they have in thier hand and will help them get dressed in the morning. The watch allows a person who can't see to still be able to tell the time. A blind person can still play and have fun with friends using these braille cards. This timer helps individuals who can't see set a timer if they are cooking, dying their hair, or a number of other activities that they need to time. The talking clock makes sure that an individual will know what time it is. They will never be late again! The braille keyboard allows individuals the ability to type and work with computers and technology.
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