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EDAD 604 CP#3

No description

Tracy Cassina

on 25 June 2016

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Transcript of EDAD 604 CP#3

Goal #1 Student Achievement
At Meadow Lane School, 70% of all Hispanic / Latino students will score in the Nearly Met, Met, or Exceeded range on the 2016-2017 CAASPP in ELA.
2016-2017 Goals
In an effort to strengthen our School, Family, and Community Partnership... The School Growth Team would like to share our goals for 2016-2017 with all of you.
2016-2017 Goals
The goals are based on school wide data collected and analyzed by the School Growth Team.
2016-2017 Goals
S.M.A.R.T Goals for each of the following areas have been written:
Student Achievement
School Culture, Discipline and Safety
Instruction / Professional Development
21st Century Learning / Technology
Equity and Access
Goal #4 21st Century Learning / Technology
Goal #2 School Culture, Discipline, and Safety
Meadow Lane will reduce truancy rates by 10% in the 2016-2017 school year by referring students to a mentoring program and improving communication through a partnership with families and the community.*
85% of Meadow Lane students will successfully complete the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship program for their grade level in 2016-2017.
Goal #5 Equity and Access
35% of Meadow Lane students will have family participation at a literacy night as a result of improved communication through a partnership with families and the community.
Goal #3 Instruction / Professional Development
Meadow Lane Staff will increase the use of Guided Reading as a teaching strategy or tool by receiving a series of professional development trainings in 2016-2017.
Welcome Parents, Students, and Staff Members!
2016-2017 Goals
These goals have been drafted, revised and rewritten with input from teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, administrators, and community members.

Current Data
Meadow Lane is made up of 61% Hispanic / Latino students.
In 2015, 46% of Hispanic / Latino students scored in the Not Met range.
In 2015, 54% of Hispanic / Latino students scored in the Nearly Met, Met, or Exceeded range.
Of that 54%, 24% scored in the Met and 5% scored in the Exceeded range.
The Plan for Improvement
More focused, differentiated ELD instruction
High quality first instruction
One to one technology (Chromebooks and tablets for every child in grades 1-6) *updated 5/2016
Use of programs such as Moby Max for ELA practice *updated 5/2016
Newly adopted, current ELA program
Tier 2 intervention for focus standards
Current Data
Truancy rates at Meadow Lane have increased over the past three years from 23% in 2013 to 42% in 2015.
Meadow Lane has a higher average truancy rate than the district and county average.
The Plan for Improvement
Student referrals to the Adopt a Mustang mentoring program
Referral to the Tier 3 intervention team
Improved parent communications
Clearer attendance guidelines shared with parents *
Recognition for exemplary attendance *
Current Data
82% of Meadow Lane teachers feel that using Guided Reading will help students to become better readers.
85% of Meadow Lane teachers have had less than five hours of training in Guided Reading.
Of that 85%, 32% have had no training in Guided Reading.
The Plan for Improvement
Provide Guided Reading professional development to all teachers and paraprofessionals throughout the 2016-2017 school year
Train teachers to be leaders and to provide support to their peers
Provide teachers with the opportunity to observe teachers using Guided Reading successfully*
Current Data
In 2014-2015 grades 4-6 were provided with Chrome books for each student.
42% of Meadow Lane students completed the CSM Digital Citizenship for their grade level in 2014-2015.
The Plan for Improvement
Provide one to one technology (Chromebooks or tablets) to every student in grades 1-6.
Grade level technology standards will be provided to all teachers.
Google calendar will be used to pace digital citizenship lessons for grade levels.
Google training will be provided to staff members.
Google training will be provided to parents.*
Current Data
We have no current data and will begin collecting data using sign in sheets and surveys during 2016-2017.
Plan for Improvement
Inform parents of school events with plenty of notice.
The community calendar will be considered when planning school events. *
One way communications will be used such as Remind (texting app). *
Two way communications will be used to help remind parents and answer their questions prior to an event. *
Make sure events are meaningful.
Involve many staff members.
School Growth Plan Goals

Meadow Lane

2015 ELA CAASPP Data by Ethnicity
2015 Schoolwide ELA CAASPP Data
3 Year Truancy Comparison
Teacher Survey Results
Teacher Survey Results
Our School, Family, and Community Partnership
is essential to achieving these goals!
S.M.A.R.T. Goals must be:
*Goal updated 5/2016 in response to Parent Focus Group meeting
*Updated 5/2016 in response to Parent Focus Group meeting.
*Updated 4/2016 in response to Staff Needs Assessment.
*Updated 5/2016 in response to Parent Focus Group meeting.
Updated 5/2016 & 6/2016 in response to Parent Focus Group meeting and Action Plan for Partnerships
Together We Can!
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