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Media and Technology: Prehistoric and Medieval

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Joaquin Padilla

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Media and Technology: Prehistoric and Medieval

Evolution of Media and Technology
30000 B.C.
10000 B.C.
7000 B.C.
Pictographs are used. They are carved visual images of what people, during that time, actually saw.
A.D. 1-400
Wax Slabs
Joaquin Padilla
Creation of Salt Lake City
The End
Cave Paintings
Cave paintings are images or murals drawn or painted on the rock surfaces of a cave. They have been found in places like France, Spain, North Africa, India, Central Asia, and China. Experts say that cave paintings explain what happens in nature as well as teach others on how to do certain activities such as hunting animals.
The city was founded in 1847 by Brigham Young, Isaac Morley ,and several other Mormon followers, who watered and farmed the dry valley
The first petroglyphs are created on hunter-gathering strategies. This is regarded as the first form of mass media.
Manuscript Invented!
Egyptian hieroglyphs are invented, which represent real or imaginary elements. These symbols showcase ideas, sound, and syllables. Priests use hieroglyphs to write down prayers as well as magical texts that relate to the afterlife and the worship of gods. Their usage is not limited to religious purposes, however, as civil officials used them to write royal documents, record historical events, and to document calculations.
The Roman Empire hired scribes, who wrote on wax slabs about the day’s events and happenings.
The manuscript is invented, which is the predecessor of modern books and an important form of mass communication in the medieval times. This Tool is regarded as an effective means to widely reach and influence people.
2200 B.C.
Colin B. Kennedy
In 1921, Colin B. Kennedy invented the portable radio, which set the standards for portable music players.
Colin B. Kennedy
In 1921, Colin B. Kennedy invented the portable radio, which set the standards for portable music players.
Cuneiform: The Ancient Books
The cuneiform is developed by the ancient civilization of Sumer, which is regarded as the first means of writing. The Sumerians needed a way to manage labour and resources in an agriculture-based civilization, which the cuneiform achieved.
I will now show you my next timeline, the Age of Early Modern and Current Media and Technology.
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