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Vocabulary - LeAnn, Teena, and Ashley

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LeAnn Sheehan

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary - LeAnn, Teena, and Ashley

Rooting Out Vocabulary Words
The Vocabulary Tree
What is it?
"Vocabulary refers to the words children must know to communicate effectively. In school terms, it can be described as oral vocabulary or reading vocabulary.” -- - http://www.readingrockets.org/atoz/vocabulary/
Why is it Important?
Helps access background knowledge
Helps express ideas
Helps individuals communicate effectively
Directly relates to success in comprehension
Students word knowledge is linked to academic success.

"Vocabulary is the glue that holds stories, ideas and content together…making comprehension accessible for children.” -- Rupley, Logan & Nichols, 1998/99

Oral Reading Assessment
Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
Vocabulary assessment is an ongoing process. Teachers assess continously by observering how a student speaks, writes, and reads.
Teach vocabulary before reading a story or passage.
Teach vocabulary to readers struggling with fluency.
Teach vocabulary to all students all the time.

When should it be taught and assessed?
The importance of words
Tier One is the most basic word list (e.g. clock, baby, happy).
Tier Three is subject specific.(e.g. isotope)
The majority of terms used for instruction shoud be pulled from Tier Two (e.g. fortunate, maintain, merchant).
Identifies struggling students
Helps direct instruction
Vocabulary is one of five core components of reading instruction that are essential to developing skillful readers. (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension)
Vocabulary can be spoken, written, or read.
It is a key component to developing reading comprehension.
These core components determine if a student will become a skillful reader.



Reutzel, D. Ray. Strategies for Reading Assessment and Instruction: helping every child succeed. Chapter 8.
Vocabulary words are learned by degree.
Unknown - completely unfamiliar; meaning unknown
Acquainted - somewhat familiar; some idea of meaning
established - very familiar; knows meaning and uses th word correctly
Maze Test
Passages with missing words.
Three choices are given for each blank.
Students guess based on knowledge of subject, basic syntax, and work or sentence meaning.
They can be administered to a group of students.
Emphasizes comprehension.
Reduces studnet stress by providing word options
Concept Word Sort
Whole Class
Identifies a student's problem words quickly and efficiently.
Choose passages carefully. They should be challenging.
Identify how many words and mark the words missed.
Make a list of problematic words and use as part of vocabulary instruction.
It is important to use words that not only appear frequently, but are mature to build rich vocabulary, and are able to be connected to other words.
Students should have multiple exposures to new words
in a variety of texts over time.
Should be taught within the context of a topic, theme, or story.
Activate students prior knowledge.
Emphasize the relationship between known words and new words.
Instruction should include how to use context clues and reference materials.
Endless Alphabet App for Ipad
Vocab-a-splat App for Ipad
The concept word sort will be used to introduce new vocabulary words from the lesson text.

The students will be in groups of four for this concept sort. Each group will recieve a piece of chart paper with four categories labeled on the paper. They will also recieve a stack of sticky notes with the vocabulary words written on them. The students will take the sticky notes and determine which category the vocabulary words best fits by using their prior knowlegde about that word.

Before having the students start this concept sort the teacher will explicitly model how to complete this concept word sort.
A vocabulary graphic organizer will be used for the students to complete during a vocabulary lesson. The students will write the vocabulary word in the middle and then fill out the remaining boxes about the word. The boxes are labeled definition, visual, and 3 boxes labeled examples.
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