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Corinda State High School Student Success Strategy

No description

Lauren Cuskelly

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Corinda State High School Student Success Strategy

SSS Timeline for Implementation 2014 2011 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Questions, Comments, Points for Review Sally Codyre scody4@eq.edu.au

Lauren Cuskelly lcusk8@eq.edu.au

Meredith Gleadhill mglea2@eq.edu.au Following the Review The Aims of the Student Success Strategy
Whole School Trial in 2013 To enhance:
- Success for students who are high achieving
- Support for students who need it
- Ensure clear communication among a students team of teachers
- Ensure communication between all levels of support
- Support ease and consistency of communication
- To facilitate clear and consistent action Take Away Messages

- Cheat Sheet
- Expect communication, consistency and clarity
- As a form teacher-- keep in mind what you want your form class to look like, sound like and feel like 90% of Staff - 90% of the Time With your elbow buddy... Where have we come from? Junior Secondary Trial in Semester Two 2012
Extensive review with key stakeholders in November 2012, with a focus on
- Positive aspects of the program
- Creating the ideal system
- Fixing troublesome points of the draft program Corinda State High School
Student Success Strategy Review process has led to
- Improvements to the overall program
- Refined supporting documentation
- Proposal for the Whole School Trial in 2013
- Goal: 90% of the staff, 90% of the time JS Trial
Sem 2 2012 Formal Review
of Trial 1
November 2012 Whole School
Jan 2013 Ongoing
2013 Toolkit Cheat sheet
Form Teacher Quick Contact List
IDAttend: Email Teachers Tab 2012 2013 What should form class
look like, sound like
and feel like?
When you get it, look at and discuss the SSS Cheat Sheet Thanks!
Don't hesitate to question or comment-- we are form teachers too and are working to make the SSS the best it can be
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