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iPad Basics and Beyond

No description

Julie Benton

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of iPad Basics and Beyond

iPad Basics
(and Beyond)

Sessions Goals
To learn iPad basics
To discover tips and tricks for using your device
To set up your device
To explore your iPad's pre-loaded apps
To download and investigate productivity apps
To browse the app store for job-related / educational apps
iPad Basics
External Features
Multi-touch Screen (Gestures)
Customizing your Home Screens
Notifications Bar and Searching your iPad
External Features
Powering off and on
Volume Control
Side switch
Power Port
Home Button
Headphone Port
Camera Lens
Multi-Touch Screen
Tap to select
Drag up and down to scroll
Drag left and right to turn pages or see the entire page
Swipe (or flick) to scroll quickly
Pinch two fingers together to zoom out (this can also be done by double-tapping)
Pull two fingers apart to zoom in (this can also be done by double-tapping)
Pinch four or five fingers together to return to the Home Screen (or press the Home button once)
Swipe up from the bottom with four or five fingers to show the multitasking display.
Swipe left or right with four or five fingers to switch between open apps (multi-tasking)
Force apps to close from the multi-tasking bar to save your battery
Force apps to close by revealing the multi-task bar, and dragging the app up from the multitasking screen.
Customizing Home Screens
Eleven home screens are available
New apps will load on the second (or subsequent) home page
Any app on the bottom row of icons (or the dock) will show up on every home screen...put your most used apps here!
Tap and hold an app icon to activate editing (or "jiggle") mode
While in editing mode, you can...
Save custom changes by pressing the Home button (this exits you out of editing mode)
move apps to new pages by tapping, holding, and moving the app icon all the way to the right or left edge of the touchscreen
rearrange icons by tapping, holding, and moving the app icon to a different location on the screen
delete icons by tapping the "X"
nest apps in folders by tapping, holding, and dragging an app icon on top of a related app icon (this automatically puts both apps inside a folder)
Folder tips...
Tap the folder to open and rename it. The folder must be in "jiggle" mode
Delete folders by removing all of the apps from it
Notifications and Searching
Pull down from the top of the screen to view the Notifications Bar
Swipe down from the middle of a screen to to access the iPad search tool (Spotlight Search)
Apps that come with your iPad: Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Contacts, Camera, iTunes, App Store, Game Center, Messages, Maps, Videos, Photo Booth, Newsstand, Settings, Safari, Mail, Photos, Music, etc.
These apps cannot be deleted
Pre-Loaded Apps
Camera and Photos
Your Apple ID
Your Settings App
Switching from the front to back camera
Switching from the video to still camera
Setting the exposure
Zooming in and out
Accessing your photos through the Photo App
Camera Roll vs. Photo Stream (if Photo Stream is turned on, all pictures taken on your iPad will show up on your other devices automatically)
Editing photos - open the photo and click the Edit button
Editing options (at the bottom of the screen) - rotate, enhance, red-eye correction, and crop
Emailing photos from the Camera Roll - select this from the menu icon at top (rectangle with arrow)
Organizing photos in albums
Web-browser app
Stopping and reloading webpages
Using the Reader button
Using the forward and backward arrows to navigate the web
Opening a new tab - allows you to have multiple webpages open at once
The menu icon - allows you to set up bookmarks (like Favorites), add web clips to your home screen (like shortcuts), email links to pages, create an offline reading list, etc.
Bookmarks vs. a Reading List
Accessing bookmarked webpages
Organizing bookmarks into folders
Utilizing the Bookmarks Bar (turn it on in settings)
Directly searching Google from the upper-right field of Safari
Searching "On this page"
Quick Tips: Quick scroll to the top of a webpage (tap on title bar), the .com button (hold it down), and using the built-in dictionary to define words (click, hold, and define)
Tapping "+" to add a new note
Giving your note a title
The left menu
Typing your note with the on-screen keyboard
Navigating Notes with the left and right arrow
Copying and sending your Notes through email
Deleting a Note
Keyboarding Tips:
Double-tap the space bar to quickly add a period and a space
Caps Lock - tap twice on the up arrow (the button will turn blue)
Accept suggest text by tapping space, punctuation, or return/enter
Reject suggested text by tapping the "X" next to the suggestion
When editing text, hold your finger down for magnification and slide the mouse left or right to find your precise insertion point
For special characters (i.e. accent marks, tildes, etc.), hold down the associated letter on the keyboard
Hidden apostrophe and double quotes on the first keyboard (hold down punctuation)
Shake to undo typing
The more you use the keyboard, the more it "learns"
If you prefer typing with your thumbs, split the keyboard by placing two fingers in the center of the keyboard and pulling apart to the left and right; to pull the keyboard back together into one piece, reverse this touch gesture
Undocking the keyboard
Set keyboard shortcuts (will demonstrate when setting up your device)
Creating a new Reminder
Changing or deleting a Reminder
Setting a due date
Adding notes to your Reminders
Moving Reminders to a custom list
Searching your reminders
Turning off or changing notifications
Your Settings App
Your Apple ID
Setting Up Your Device
Wi-Fi - set up your home network here (remember that network keys are case-sensitive)
Notifications - turning notifications and sounds off and on
General - About and Usage, Passcode Lock, Side Switch Settings, Keyboard shortcuts, Accessibility (VoiceOver, Zoom, Large Text, Invert Colors, Speak Selection, Speak Auto-Text)
iCloud Settings
Brightness and Wallpaper - change lock screen and home page to customized your device; adjust brightness from settings or the multi-task bar
Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Set up an Microsoft Exchange account for work email, set up personal email accounts if desired, and change signature on your iPad
To set up your Microsoft Exchange account:
Email = entire school Gmail address
Server = m.google.com
Username = entire school Gmail address
Password = wcs#####
Account that enables you to download from the App Store or iTunes
You may create a new Apple ID or use an existing one
Get started by clicking on the App Store icon or by going to Settings>iTunes & App Store
Set Automatic Downloads to suit your preferences

Wireless needed to download
Makes your life easier!
Productivity Apps
Searching the App Store
Sorting, Reviews, and Related Apps
Featured and Top Charts
Job-Related / Educational Apps
Apps Gone Free
Dropbox / Evernote
GoodNotes / Bamboo Paper
Google Calendar Sync
Pic Collage
Sock Puppets
Story Buddy
Math Evolve
Khan Academy
Barefoot Atlas
Google Earth
Stack the States
Marine Life
Common Core
Search and install three job-related and/or educational apps
Your Turn
In the end...
Time to share
Review session goals
Sessions Goals
To learn iPad basics
To discover tips and tricks for using your device
To set up your device
To explore your iPad's pre-loaded apps
To download and investigate productivity apps
To browse the app store for job-related / educational apps
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