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AIESEC OPS Medellin 2010. Presentation for session: EP Role & Communication Channels.

William Cornejo

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of AIESECColombia_OPS2010_EPRoleComCh

The Role of an EP Communication Involvement Development Development C o m m u n i c a t i o n Blogs Quality Survey Information Medium
Share of experiences
Knowledge Management
Let off Steam
Personal decision and taste Host LC : Foreign AIESEC
Home LC : Colombia's
Organization : TN, Enterprise, NGO Allows AIESEC to improve its service
AIESEC members are developing
Extremely important Statistic Methodology
Quality Assurance Board revision
Measures satisfaction levels
Direct communication method for overall experience
Will be available through the platform at specific timelines
Must be filled at the time when knowledge is "fresh"
"We are our Product"
Enterprise delivery of experience
Local AIESEC trainee service Involvement LC Cooperation Conferences Trainee Service Expos Company Satisfaction
Cultural understanding
Social Responsibility
Professional Growth
Patience - Rigour
Aggregate Value Leisure References http://www.hammond.com
Time is Relative What is your agregate value?
What will be? Be Share & Perform Any Ideas? One Month = Initial, Arriving, Basics
Midterm = Half of the Internship
Endterm = Finalizing the experience
Post evaluation = Shorty after arriving back to home country Spread Word Direct Contribution to Motivation
AIESEC Product Promotion
Local Chapter Connection
Role extension

Technology Advancement
World Wide Web
Raise confidence
Brand Ambassador Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
--Albert Einstein Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
-- Robert Collier The best stories are those that are crafted and shared through time. You are not Alone

The value of the Network

A Right, an Asset

Interact, Learn, Leverage Enjoy Participation, Enjoy Culture Experiment, respectfully

Expose, yourself, origins

Lessen cultural Shock Participate Deploy - Interact - Contribute - Acknowledge
Teach - Share - Party
@XP Contribute to your Country and LC Performance Promote your environment Make use of the network BE a proud Ambassador

Show them about!

Give them a taste!

Position AIESEC

TATA Innovation Video - JRD Awards 2008 Our definite contribution as ACErs to TATA Group... ...Proud to take the opportunity We made a diference, an impact, as AIESECers. Anifowoshe Afolarin (Nigeria)
William Cornejo (Colombia) Asma Chebbi (Tunisia)
Catherine Fernandez (Peru)
Jackqueline Mwakasungura (Kenya) Be an AIESECer Claudia Terry
MC in Peru 2008-2009, CCP ILC Peru 2010
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