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Copy of Corporate Lawyer

No description

Astrid Ørum

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Corporate Lawyer

OSO - Advokat
Salary Range and Benefits
Initially, corporate lawyers earn between $50,000 and $120,000 a year.
With more experience, those working in successful law firms can earn $200,000 a year, or more.
Lawyers can work in large firms in big or small cities, in-house or in law firms or as sole practitioners who charge a fee for each hour they work for the client.
Af: Iben Sørensen & Astrid P. Ørum
University of Toronto
Education Requirements
Application Process
Current Openings
Job Appeal
Multiple Intelligence Test
Corporate Lawyer
A look into the requirements and details of my career choice based on results from the Multiple Intelligence Assessment and Career Cruising.
HSB4U-World Issues
CLN4U-International Law
BOH4M-Business & Management
FSF4U-Core French
Grade 12 Courses Required for University
Law/Business Studies:
Use the OUAC website to apply online for my four year Undergraduate degree in Business Commerce.
Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
Complete a bar admission program.
Use the OUAC website to apply for three year
Law School program.
To apply to University of Toronto:
They deal with transitions between companies, mergers, and research and prepare legal documents.
Four weeks paid time off (PTO) per year
Comprehensive health, dental and vision plans including domestic partner coverage
Parking allowance (at some locations)
Up to 12 weeks disability/parental leave
Employee Assistance Program
Some Benefits Include-
Knowledge Management Lawyer, Corporate Law for Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt - Toronto, ON

Corporate Commercial Lawyer for Top Firm - TORONTO for Smart Street Legal Recruitment Inc.
I agree with my MI results and am not surprised by them as the attributes of a Corporate Lawyer are very similar to my personal strengths.
The test confirmed by initial future career plans as
a Corporate Lawyer and were very relevant to my future goals.
business background involved
law background involved
giving advise with my expertise
meeting new clients
researching and creating
working with corporations
work hours vary
verbal/written communication of ideas
contacting local law offices
creative writing
speech and debate
current events
Canadian History
visit law school campus
attend a law camp

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I plan to work at a Law Firm in Toronto.
Sådan bliver du advokat
Gymnasie (HHX, HTX, STX, HF)
5 år på universitetet
3 år som advokatfuldmægtig
De specifikke fag du skal have på gymnasiet
Dansk A
Engelsk B
Historie B, Idehistorie B, Samfundsfag B, Samtidshistorie B
Bachelor uddannelse på 3 år

Kandidatgrad på 2 år
I lære på et advokatkontor
De forskellige muligheder inden for advokat branchen
Beskikket advokat
De 3 hovedgrupper
Offentlig forvaltning
Hvis den sigtede frifindes betaler staten, hvis ikke betaler sigtede selv
Forsvarer i straffesager
Udpeget af retten
Aarhus Universitet – adgangskrav: 8.0
Københavns Universitet – adgangskrav: 8.5
Syddansk Universitet – adgangskrav: 8.2
Aalborg Universitet – adgangskrav: 7.8
Advokatens beskæftigelse
Personlig rådgivning
Forskellige sager
En ægtefælle der ønsker at blive skilt eller separeret
Forhandlinger med modparten

At kunne skabe tillidsforhold
At kunne tage udgangspunkt i klientens interesser
At være veltalende
At kunne forklare og have kendskab til lovgivning og regler
Økonomiske forhold
Advokat fuldmægtig ansat på kontor - 50.000 kr.
Video: mening om uddannelsen
Video: Arbejde inden for branchen
Video: Balance mellem arbejde og fritid
Video: Advokatfuldmægtig/Kristinas dagligdag
Retsager omkring erhvervsforhold:
Person - eller familiearvesager
Assistance ved:
At organisere opgaver
Partner i advokatselskab - 1 million om året
Intet nøjagtigt tal for gennemsnitsindtægten
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