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Why do teens fail in school?

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Dustin Kem

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Why do teens fail in school?

The reason I chose this topic was because I can relate to it. Other people can relate to this topic as well.
Why do teens fail in school?
Other people can influence students to do poorly in school. Parents and friends decisions can influence how kids do in school. On the other hand people can help kids do better in school. Grandparents specifically, they have this God-given ability to help kids in school. In the article "Why boys fail in school?" We see that grandparents can help kids do better in school.
Lastly, kids fail in school because of a lack of sleep. In the article "Sleep for teenagers" we read that sleep is important like air and water. Sleep also helps manage stress.
There are three main reasons kids fail in school,

1. Focus is somewhere else
2. Other people
3. Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep
Other people
Focus is somewhere else
One reason kids fail in school is kids focus is somewhere else. Kids that worry about other things like video games and sports can fail in school because when we find something we want to play or do, like an extracurricular activity, all of our attention goes towards that thing instead of what our attention could be going to.
9 hours of sleep is a good amount for teens. Late sleep can affect biological clocks and the quality of sleep. The amount of sleep from the weekdays and weekends are very different.
More about sleep
 "The cruising (Good-enough) student"

 "Otherwise engaged student"

 "The struggling student"
There are three types of boys in school
The cruising student
These kids shoot for just enough, these are the teens who think school is irrelevant and boring and will never be useful in the real world.
The otherwise engaged student
The otherwise engaged student is more interested in something else like a video game or other people. When something like an extracurricular activity comes up, that's all they can think about.
"The struggling student"
The struggling student is the one that no matter how hard they try, they can't succeed. Or, the student is average in an above average school district.
Dustin Kem
Struggling student
Some kids aren't as smart and fall behind quickly in their schoolwork. Within weeks of school starting school, they are already behind, or has been behind for as long as they can remember. [Timmy Turner]

Distractions for students
The most common distractions for students include television, sports, clubs, friends, family and video games.
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