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Rio de Janeiro and Houston(Similarities in Urban Environment

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Ruremeta Finkostka

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Rio de Janeiro and Houston(Similarities in Urban Environment

Rio de Janeiro and Houston(Similarities in Urban Environments)
By:Rubiya Koshy
Rebecca Finney
Tarnparit Kaur

Top 5 Religions in Houston, TX:
1) Catholic(18.44%)
3)Other Christian(9.25%)

Top 5 Religions in Rio de Janeiro
5)Umbanda and Candomble(1.29%)
Houston Tx:
Humid Subtropic
July(warmest average month)(94.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
January (coldest month)(53.1 degrees Fahrenheit)
Yearly Precipitation(49.8 inches)
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:
Tropical Savannah
Average annual minimum temperature(70 degrees Fahrenheit)
Average Annual Maximum temperature(73 degrees Fahrenheit)
Yearly Precipitation(46.3 inches)
Rio de Janeiro-
Portuguese colonized Brazil.
Language- Portuguese
Religion- Roman Catholic
Building Architect- Portuguense
Houston-29°45′46″N 95°22′59″W
Texas, USA
Rio de Janeiro- Brazilian Highlands
Houston- Created by different water ways.
Push Factors
A lot of traffic
Not that much snow (people may or may not like that)
Very Hot(extreme summer heat)
Pull Factors:
More access to beaches like Galveston
Better jobs
Better Healthcare
Push and Pull Factors
Houston ,TX:
Bayou Place: Composed of theaters,bars,lounges and restaurants
Galleria Mall: Texas' largest mall
Johnson Space Center:(NASA) Tourists can experience 0 gravity or go on the virtual rocket launch
Children's Museum of Houston: Kids can have a hands on interactive activities in Science, Technology and more.
Tourist Sights
Houston Teams-
Houston Aeros- Hockey
Houston Astros- Baseball
Houston Texans- Football
Houston Rockets- Basketball
USA- Stage 4
Brazil- Stage 3
Stage Growth/World Leading
In Houston, there are many hospitals. In Rio de Janeiro, there are many hospitals including many individual children hospitals.
Healthcare and Infrastructure
In both cites, women go to school and college. They graduate with degrees and get good jobs. The cities even have universities just for women.
Education for Women
As a group, we found out that Rio de Janeiro and Houston have many similarities and differences. They both have a unique cultures, languages, climates, tourist sights but they do have one common factor which is urbanization. Within the unique factors listed in this presentation we found out that each factor played an important key role in the urbanization of both of these cities.

Nicknamed "Space City" because of NASA'S Lyndon B.Johnson Space Center.
Theater District was ranked 2nd in country
1 of the 5 cities in U.S. with all of the performing art disciplines in professional resident companies
Known for eating out in restaurants more than any other residents in any other American City, ("the dining out capital city").
Has a public television station and 2 public radio stations(KUHF,KUHA)
Has the 1st public television(KUHT,Houston,TX)
Has a major daily newspaper(Houston Chronicle)

Cultural Cont
(Car Culture)
Various automobiles influenced Houston(urbanization)
Car Parade(unique modified cars parade through Heights neighborhood
Car usage fell by 15.2% because of the heavy investment on public transportation (light rail system in 2004).
Rio De Janeiro
Known as the main cultural place in Brazil
Influenced by Portuguese, English and French architecture. Churches and Buildings (16th-19th centuries)
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festivals(annual since 1999)
Main Production centers on Brazilian T.V.
Cultural Landmarks:
Biblioteca Library(7th Largest library in the world
Theotro de Rio
National Museum of Fine Arts
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Arts
Imperial Square
Brazilian Academy of Letters
Museu de Arte Moderna de Rio de Janeiro
Natura; History Museum
Center of Urban Music Movement in Brazil
Electronic music with hip hop, modern soul, house music
Houston rap music(their own slang)
New Years Eve
Dressed in white
Many different shows and events along beach
Cultural Cont
Annual Celebration,Roman Catholic Tradition
Influenced by French or German(parades) but custom was brought by Portuguese who had Boubon or Austrian ancestors)
Infant Mortality Rate
6.1 infant deaths/ 1,000 live births
13 infant deaths/1,000 live births
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Push Factors:
Severe shortage of housing making people to make their own houses from scratch due to the numerous people
Not that much land
Pull Factors
Very urbanized compared to cities in Brazil.(more jobs)
Electricity(compared to rural areas)
Better schools
Better Hospitals
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil:
Lagoa: You can have a relaxing bike ride. It is a salt water lagoon with an outdoor restaurant
Pao de Acucar: Meaning "Sugar loaf Mountain", it has an altitude of 395 meters. Including stunning views of Rio.
Statue of Christ Redeemer (Christ the Redeemer): it stands 40 meters on Mount Corovado and is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world
Marcana : it was once the largest football stadium
Rio de Janeiro - 2°54′30″S 43°11′47″W
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro-
2014- 20th FIFA World Cup
2016- 31th Summer Olympics
Brazil- Services 67%
Industry 27.5%
Agriculture 5.5%

USA- Services 79.6%
Industry 19.2%
Agriculture 1.2%
Spanish colonized it first.
Language- English
Religion- Roman Catholic
Build Architects- Spanish
Elects their officials
Considered to be politically divided into 2 groups which is between Republicans and Democrats
Rio de Janeiro-
officials also elected directly by the people living in the city
a big economic gap


Mr.Evans, thanks for being an awesome teacher!! :)
Rio de Janeiro-
More Facebook users
More big sport facilities
People are socially active:they are always out and walking around in the mornings. In the afternoons, they are off to restaurants for dinner. People are very socialized.
What are the similarities and differences between Houston and Rio de Janeiro?
Driving Question
Rio de Janeiro-
Guanabara Bay is highly polluted People aren't allowed to swim in it because it has high levels of bacteria.
Pollution is a big problem
People don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Recycling organizations organized by people.
Population Density
As of 2013, Houston's population density is 1510 people/km². Rio de Janeiro's is 4787 people/km².
Houston's population density is less dense than Rio de Janeiro
Houston is polluted with urban lakes,rivers,and lagoons, which are becoming worse. There are landfills too. Rio de Janeiro has pollution, air toxic, landfills, illegal dumping of medical wastes, and chemical discharge.
Human Impact
In Rio de Janeiro, there are many taxis,buses, even gondolas. The quality of the highways have improved. There are trains for long journeys.
Houston has skyscrapers,trains buses, and trams. There are many cars and highways.
More billionaires living in the city
Low Murder Rate
Many art and theater; lots of entertainment choices
Many malls
Rio De Janeiro: $183 billion(2010)
Houston: $385 billion(2010)
Gdp per capita:
Rio de Janeiro: $9,754.24(2010)
Houston: $20,000
Gdp/ Gdp per capita/ Infant Mortality Rate
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