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Fahrenheit 451 and The Truman Show

No description

Ashleigh Forfinski

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 and The Truman Show

Truman Brubank, from
The Truman

, and Guy Montag, from
Fahrenheit 451
, are more similar than they are different.
Truman Burbank and Guy Montag are similar in the way that they have their lives controlled by other people. Montag has the T.V and the little sea shell shaped ear phones that tell him about his day to day life. Since he is not aloud to read books, the society he lives in changed everything that really happened. Truman has his life literally controlled by actual people. They control the weather, where everyone is, and more. This though is also a difference.
Fahrenheit 451
The Truman Show

Compare and Contrast
Truman Burbank and Guy Montag come from different place and different life styles, but they still have their similarities.
Truman and Montag both escape from the society in which they live by the use of water. Montag gets away and jumps in the river so that the Hound will not smell his tracks anymore. He then floats up stream and meets people that are just like him in that they memorize books. They each have their own book that they memorized. Truman leaves and gets on a boat, when he runs into the wall of the dome. He walks along the water till he finds the steps that let him out. Truman knows he is ready to go, steps out the doors, and leaves.
Yes, Truman and Montag live in societies where everything is controlled by other people, but the difference is Montag has people influence him, where Truman is legitimately controlled. Truman has his life planned out for the entertainment of people. They make bad things happen to him, they change the weather, and they make it so the show never gets boring. Montag is influenced by what he hears in the sea shell shaped ear phones, and what he sees on the T.V.
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