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Animal Farm

Presintation of the entire book

jose flores

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Mr.Jones Animal Farm: George Orwell Charaters George Orwell Born in 1903 and Passed away in 1950 He was a Journalist, Public Author and Author He wrote Animal Farm in 1945 He alos worte Nineteen Eighty Four in 1949 Old Major He is the owner of the farm and is an alcoholic
He comes up with the concept animalism

He tells the animals to rebel
He dies in his sleep He miss treated the animals He gets kicked out by the animals when they rebel He is the leader of the animals Napoleon Snowball created the 7 comandments Two leader pigs He put Old Majors thoughts into action created "Animalism" Satire- A manner of writing with wit and humor with
an effort to improve mankind and human institutions. Allegory- A representation of abstract ideas or prinsipals
characters,figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictoral form. Fabel-A short tail told by words that has animal
qualities and teaches a moral lesson. The Russian Revolution The Russian Revolution of 1917 was also called the Bolshevik Revolution.
The revolution was an important role in the history of Baltic states of Estonia,
Latvia, and Lithuania. Tsar Nickolas was over thrown. Lenen and the Bolsheviks took over.
Two seperate Revolutions happend in 1917, one in February and the other on October.
Boxer Pincher Blue Bell Jessie Mollie Three main dogs The muscle of the farm
Hes loyal and trust worthy
He has the most human emotions and felt bad for killing a human Benjamin Chap 1
In chapter one we are introduced to a few of the main characters.
Perhaps the most important character of the story is Old Major.
He was the pig that came up with what is later called "Animalism".
He was alos the most respected animal.
In the meeting that old put together the animals came up with what is called "Beasts of England"
Benjamin ws the oldest animal in the farm and the worst tempered.
Mollie was Mr.jones prize horse.
The animals felt like their lives were misserable, laborious and short.
They think that the humans take advantage of evreything and that they take what they want without producing anything.
Old Major makes a huge speech of how bad their lives are and how good they should be.

Symbolic Role: The hard working people opperesed and manipulated The Old Donkey in Animal Farm Symbolic Role: He represents realists that know the Russian Revolution will not change anything Sybolic Roles: They represent the police Chap 2
Old major dies
All of his work fell naturally upon the pigs.
The three pigs had named the work of Old Major in Animalism
Moses was telling the other animals things that the pigs thought werent true.
Moses is seen as the religious reference.
The two horses Boxer and Clover werent very smart but once theu allowed the pigs to tech them they did eveyting they were told to do
The animals chased Mr.Jones and his men out of the farm.
The pigs created the "7 comandments"

Chap 3
The animals were begining to work well together.
The laziest animal was Mollie, and the most devoted was Boxer.
Snowball and Napoleon never seems to agree with anything that one another says.
Napoleon takes away the puppies to teach in private.
Boxer is the most admired in animal farm because he is a very hard worker.
The hoof and the horn on the flag symbloizes the animals and their future republic.
The animals were begining to read and write due to some lessons.
The pigs were eating all of the apples to preserve their health.
The animals begin to chant "four legs good two legs bad" which means that they think they are better than the humans.
The Sheep are seen as the dumb population.

Chap 4
The pigs let the surrounding farms know what was going on by sending pegions.
They beggan to rebel against the humans.
They began the fight known as the Battle of Cowshed.
Mollie was hidding in a pile of hay.
Snowball learned his battle techiques from a book of Juleious Ceaser.
Snowball gave the sound of retreat so they could turn arround and then attack the humans.
Boxer feels bad for killing a human.
Snowball says the only good human is a dead one.
They raced their flag and sang their anthum to celebrate their victory.

The laziest of the animals Mr.Jones's pize horse Chap 5
Mollie is seen as a trator by making contact with a human.
Napoleon and Snowball continue to argue over everything.
They proposed a vote amungst the animals.
Benjamin says "Go on badly, as it always had."
Their slogans were Vote for Napoleon and the full manger. And Vote snowball and the three-day week.
The animals couldnt make up their minds.
The dogs walk in and wag thier tails at Napoleon showing respect.
Then the dogs chase Snowball out of the farm.
After that Napoleon says that their will be no more meetings on Sundays.
Squeler tells the animls that Napoleon is doing things for their good and freedom.

Chap 6
The animals begin to work on Sundays when they said that they werent. going to.
Napoleon threatens the animals that if they dont work hard that their food rassions will be cut in half.
With out Boxer the wind mill will be nearly impossible to build.
Even some of the pigs began to help with building the windmill because of how hard things were beging to get.
The animals began to trade with other animals of the farm.
They did this so they can have other resourses and so they can help each other out.
Napoleon tells the hens to give up their eggs as a sacrafice to finish the windmill.
A big storm hits and the windmill is distroyed so then Snowball is blamed for it.
Napoleon sleeps in the beds and this bothers Clover
Then the forth commandment is changed from no animal shall sleep in beds to no animal shall sleep in beds with sheets. Chap 7
The animals had to rebuild the the windmill.
They knew that if they didn't rebuild it that the humans would triumph.
The animals had to think of ways in which to trick the humans into thinking everything in the farm was ok.
They put sand in some bins and then put what ever food they had left on top.
The hens were finally convinced that they had to give up their eggs for the well being of the animals to have enough food untill the summer.
They thought that it wasnt right of him and thought it was murder.
Napoleon continues to blame Snowball for everything and anything that goes wrong for the them.
Squealer explains to the animals that they cant sing the Beasts of England because they had already succeeded.
They came up with a new song that was the opposite of the Beasts of England.

Chap 8
Napoleon and Squealer changed alot of the commandments mainly because they broke alot of them.
Napoleon tells the other animals that Snowballs medals are all made up.
He also tells them that Frederic is abusive to his animals.
Their windmill was ditroyed by Frederic and his men.
The animals then feel bad and depressed.
Boxer then feel old because he is mid aged.
Napoleon then drinks and gets drunk. and has Squealer tell the animals his dying when hes not.
Then Napoleon decided to plow the the feelds for the retiring animals.So now they have to work for the rest of their lives.
He did it to Make more alchohol.
Then they changed the fifth commandment and muriel Noticed it.
Chap 9
Boxer is closing to the retireing age. But Boxer still works very hard.
The Pig's population is on the rise and the rest of the animal's population is droping.
The Pigs are the only animals being educated. And the Piglets are being told not to play or make contect with the rest of the other animals.
Napoleon then makes up some thing called Sontaneous Demonstrations to keep the animals working.
Then they had an election for the president of the new republic.
Napoloen was elected by a land slide.
Boxer has an accident and then Napoleon calls for help but its accually Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler, Wilingdons.
But then he gets saved but dies 3 days later.
Then the pigs use Boxer's death to further promote their aims by using what Boxer use to say. " I will work harder" and "Comorade Napoleon is always right." Chap 10
Years past by and many of the animals have died and also Mr.Jones.
Snowball and Boxer have been forgoten exept by those who knew hm.
Napoleon was old and squelaer was very fat and could barley see.
Benjamin was the only animal that remaind the same not changed very much.
He was two years past his retireing age but infact no animal had retired.
The windmill had finaly been buit
The pigs then supervised the work done on the farm with wips, and were ordering phones.
Then Napoleon was seen smokin and with Mr.Jones's Clthing on.
The ending is really stupid....

BY: Jose Flores
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