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Stages of translation process

No description

Justyna Prątnicka

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Stages of translation process

Finding the job of work
Getting the translation
Preparing, planning and organizing
Preparing the translation
Analyzing the source material

Acquiring the knowledge and information required

Doing translation samples

Having the resources/raw materials and additional specifications approved

The work provider or the reviser approves

In cases of illness, fire, etc. or failure of the work provider the translator is
entitled to terminate the contract
without having to pay any damages

The translator must notify the work provider of any delays in delivery.
Performing quality controls and upgrades
Closing the job file
Creating the archive
The work provider and the translator
Consolidate all the resources used

The translator integrates all the consolidated material (vocabulary, terminology) for future use

All in all, each partner creates a project memory that will be reactivated as needed in the future.
Stages of translation
The work provider is naturally responsible for the end-use of the product resulting from the translation
The partners in the process
the work provider - client
the translator
the reviser

Need for translation
The work provider:
The translator:

text to be translated
general purchase conditions
any brief or job specifications
sample of the translated text
a rough estimate of how long
the job will take
The work provider can now accept (or not) the offer
translation kit by work provider
the source material
any product/material to which the source material refers

any available directions
or specifications
the support version
Quality controls, corrections, final checks by:

aiming to determine the strong points
and the weaknesses in the process, for future reference and improvement

Comprehensive job review
pinpointing of the particular areas where there is room for improvement
and suggesting ways of achieving this.

Sharing the results the job review
Getting the money
the work provider
the translator
the reviser
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