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Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan

No description

Courtney Beale

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan

Although Rachel is very sweet at first, a rivalry will soon brew between her and Julia. Rachel (Rae) is smart, curious, and courageous. I feel i can really relate to what she goes through throughout the book.
Julia is very hazardous to Rae's family. She is shy, mysterious, and creepy.Her description in the book is very well written, but there are no pictures of her.
No picture available
The Rising Action for this book is when Trickle, Rae's dog, dies. Rae knows Julia did it, but she cant prove it. This part is really descriptive of Rae's emotions.
Rising Action
Book cover
The setting was in Albuquerque and Rachel's House. This takes place in the present. The scenery is described very well.
Summer of Fear by Lois Duncan
Presentation by Courtney J. Beale
No Picture Available
This is a very detailed and descriptive part of the book. It is about three pages long or more, and it is mostly explaining why Julia was even at Rae's house. This leaves you with so many questions, its hard to put down the book.
No picture available
Julia is taking Rae's room, her best friend, and even her boyfriend. The conflict is both universal and specific.
No Picture Available
This is when Rae's friend, the professor, is hospitalized. It makes Rae so furious, she starts devising a plan.
Inciting Moment
When Rae has to go save her mom, its is the climax. This is really important and huge for Rae.
Rae successfully saves her mom. This part is really nerve-racking and intense.
Falling Action
Julia leaves and their family goes back to normal. We are left with a questioning feeling. All ends are tied up except for one.
This book represents its genre well. I recommend this book strongly. I give it a 5 out of 5.
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