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Copy How to Plan a Schedule in Advance

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Douglas College

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy How to Plan a Schedule in Advance

How to Plan a Schedule
Go to the Douglas College Homepage at www.douglascollege.ca
Select the Appropriate Semester
Narrow your Search
Select Course
Select Worksheet
Click 'Return to Search' to repeat process
Make note of the this Course Reference Number (CRN). When it comes to actually registering for the class it will be as simple as entering in these numbers.
Make a few tentative schedules!
Conflicts will appear in Orange.
Now that you have a schedule, print screen or write down your course number, section and CRN
Note the location- give yourself enough time to get from one campus to another!
Now that you have a tentative schedule. Check out more tutorials on
How to:
Add and Drop Classes,
Wait-listing and
View Tuition Fees
Have more questions? Check out options under the 'Register' heading on the DC website. For quick access click on the link provided! http://www.douglascollege.ca/study-at-douglas/register/canadian-students

Do you have to work in the evenings? Or maybe you have a day job? Narrow your search by Session Type.
Did a friend tell you about an amazing Instructor? Narrow your search to only look for classes they instruct that semester.
Select your Fee Type. This way you can get an approximate cost of your tuition fees for your upcoming semester
Select the Subject you wish to search. If you choose to do a broader search, we suggest that this be the only field that you select.
If you know the 4 digit course number, add it here and narrow your search further
Remember by narrowing your search it might mean missed opportunities
Select the Campus you prefer, but remember not all classes are offered at both Campuses!
Study at Douglas
Registration Step by Step
De-select the days of the week you don't want to attend. Remember, not all classes are offered every day of the week. Keep it open for more search results!
Pay attention to the
Section Notes!
There may be specifics you need to be aware of, such as registering for a separate lab.
Fall Semester = September to December
Winter Semester = January to April
Summer Semester =
May to August
For more information select the course planning link.

**Note that you can build a schedule in your 'MyAccount' where you also register for classes when it's your time to do so.
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