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facts about ukraine

princess buttercup

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Ukraine

Bibliography The color proportion of blue to yellow is 2:3
Light blue on the top of the flag symbolizes peace and the sky above the country
Yellow symbolizes prosperity or the countries wheat field Facts about Ukraines flag The capitol city is Kiev
Kiev had a population of 2,799,199 2 years ago
Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine
Kiev is about 300 sq. miles
Kiev is known as Kyiv in Ukrainen
The president of Ukraine currently is Viktor Yanukovych. He was elected in 2010 in February. He is 62 years old and was a prime minister before he was president. Capitol and Government Location,Weather and Landscape They are located in eastern Europe and because it is not at all by the equator the temperature is really cold there in the winter. There have been many cases of people dieing because it was so cold. The lowest temperature ever recorded is −43.4 °F degrees fahrenhiet and the highest temperature recorded in Ukraine is 107.6 °F. The landscape is mostly fertile plains and plateaus. A lot of the land is good for crops or already has crops. http://www.scotttraveler.com/tag/what-ukrainian-people-look-like/
http://ukraine.uazone.net/article1.html By:Gwendolyn
Vandeberg Ukraine Ukraine fun facts The population of Ukraine was about 45,706,100 in 2011
It's about 233,000 square miles
It is 7 hours ahead of our time
The official language is Ukrainian
The money is called hryvnia and is equal to 0.12 of a dollar
Ukraine has a total of 457 cities This is Ukraines national anthem Independence day It occurs on august 24th because that is when Ukraine got independence from the Soviet union in 1991. The normal celebration on that day is to see fireworks,concerts,go to the circus and parties. The adults don't go to work and children don't go to school on that day. The people of Ukraine also go to markets where everything is free and they get anything they want on that day. Do's and don'ts when visiting Do bring gifts for kids and the host
Do take shoes off and don't put feet on furniture
Don't talk about politics or business
Wait for the host to say when to start eating and opening gifts Houses,liesure, and their average day The orignal anthem was made by Pavlo Chubynsky and Mykhaylo Verbytsky composed the music. Food The most common soup is borcht (picture to the left).Borcht is made of beets, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill and some sort of meat. The olivye salad is the most common salad it is made with potatoes, dill pickles,eggs,ham,onions,peas and mayonnaise. The most common bread there is paska and i bet you can guess what it's made of. An interesting fact about paska bread is that it is a traditional Easter bread. A main course that I think looks really wierd is the studenetz(aspic)(in picture below text) it has meat, eggs, vegetables and it is covered in gelatin. Production They produce wheat and are called the "breadbasket of Europe".They also make pysanky (or pysanka if talking about 1) which are very common known. They're eggs that have wax on the top of them and have some sort of decoration on them. They also produce wheat and are the eleventh largest producer in the world.They are the 10th largest consumers of wheat also. Common physical features and clothing Women are known as beatiful
Women there wear heels,skirts, and anything that we wear here
They are pale (probally cause it's so cold there)
Most people eyes are green
They usally have brown hair They live in houses or apartments like us but some of the houses are in poor condition or poorly constructed.There are a lot of homeless people too.Wooden houses are very popular right now.
Ukranians like to go to cultural activities, go out, cycling, hiking, skiing, swiming, shopping,cruising, theatre, and sports (they do all the sports we do)
An average day for a teenager would start with waking up (obviously) then they get ready for school and then they go to school. They problly have an after school activity then they go home and do homework, chores, and they eat dinner and then go to bed ........repeat. Landmarks Kiev Pechersk Lavra-burial site and church
Sofiyivsky Park-park in Uman
Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle -used mostly for protection
Khortytsia Island-an island in the Dnieper river
Chersonesos-shore by the black sea
Saint Sophia Cathedral-church
The Khotyn Fortress-by the Dniester River grains
sugar beets
barley Winter wheat,spring barley,corn are the main grain crops there. Agriculture Animals and clothing Animals
brown bears
wild boars
wild sheep They have more than 200 kinds of fish and about 25 species of domesticated animals. There a ton of wildlife refuges to protect animals. The clothes they wear are a lot like ours but traditional clothes there are dresses for girls and for guys they wear a shirt with either a baggy skirt or baggy pants. There clothes contain a lot of whites , blues and red.
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