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Cel Animation (Traditional Animation)

No description

Steven Weber

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Cel Animation (Traditional Animation)

Cel Animation (Traditional Animation) Steps For Cel Animation History of Cel Animation First Step is to create Story board
Second Step is to create a sound voice recording so that the animation will be more precisely synchronized to the animation
Third is the Animatic, which is pictures from the story board synchronized to the sound track
Fourth step is after the Animatic is approved the Animatic and the Story boards are sent over the the Design departments to prepare model sheets for all the important characters in the animation and all the backgrounds in the animation. While that is going on the timing director takes the Animatic and the sound track and determines which poses, drawings, lip movements will be needed in each frame By: Joren Selinger
Steven Weber Steps Continued Many older cartoons were cel animated. Some that most people will know was Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, and The Simpsons. These were all cel animated and were very popular.
Now days, these cartoons are still animated using a form of cel animation, they are just animated with a computer. The original art was input into a computer and is now called computer animation. Most cartoons still have the same art work as the first cartoon, but the new style of animation looks slightly different from the traditional cel animation. Cel Animated Cartoons Fifth step is the layout of the animation, the background artists determine where the lighting, shading, camera angles, camera paths are going to be at
Sixth step is the background artist and the character artist will finish painting in the backgrounds and characters and putting the animation together
Final step is the pencil test, which is where after all the pictures are cleaned up they are photographed onto a animation camera, usually on black and white film stock. Cel animation was the first form of animation to be created.
Peter Roget was the first person to come with the idea of cel animation, but it was the Disney family that made the style popular.
Cel animation is made by hand drawing each scene on a template. Although most people believe that every tiny detail is drawn, backgrounds and character movements that are repeated often are used repeatedly, with little changes. This saves time and the artist doesn't have to draw the same thing over and over again.
Unfortunately, cel animation became less popular when the first CGI film, 'Toy Story' by Disney, came out. The new computer created from of animation was faster and looked better than traditional cel animation. That started the shift from cell animation to modern CGI films. Hugo the Hippo Video of Cel Animation Examples of Cel Animation
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