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Facial Recognition System

No description

Kiyo Miura

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition Technology identifies individuals with high accuracy by analyzing key features of their face through an image, which is then matched against pre-registered face data in the face database. It is FAST VERSATILE ACCURATE A Proposal for the Installation of
Facial Recognition Technology
in Philippine Establishments Good security is essential in
any high traffic area... ...but security
are fallible and ordinary surveillance systems can only record past events, not prevent them. You




Advantages Our Facial Recognition System employs an authentication engine developed in Japan with the highest performance in the world in terms of speed and accuracy. It is extremely precise, boasting an accuracy rating of over 99% While it is not the first of its kind, its processing system is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows the system to process and match approximately 10,000 unique faces per second. SYSTEM OVERVIEW The system will work with any existing surveillance setup.
Once an individual is within range of the installed cameras, a photo or video still of his or her face is taken. Then, the system's algorithm detects key features of the face and encodes it in the Face Detection Computer. Next, the encoded data is sent to the Face Matching Computer which is run through the face database. DETECTION MATCHING MAIN SERVER
(DATABASE) The Face Database runs through 10,000 faces per second, looking for matches with the encoded face data.

The server can be manually encoded or cross-referenced with existing databases, like hotel/casino VIP lists or police records. The database can be divided into "categories" which groups specific individuals based on set parameters. For instance-- WHITE LIST This category can include VIP's such as politicians, foreign dignitaries, celebrities in club guest lists, casino high rollers, or other sets of individuals who are important to specific establishments. GREY LIST The grey list includes all regular, nondescript members of the public. Having encoded data in the server, they may be reclassified into other categories whenever necessary. BLACK LIST The black list may contain any individual who is deemed a threat to the establishment. It may be a criminal from police records, persons banned from entering certain areas, players caught cheating at casinos, etc. Finally, the database can also be encoded with categories in line with structural organization. For instance, a company may use the system to clock in attendance by creating a category for employees.

Different categories can also delineate levels of access to different employees. With this, lower level employees or members of the public can be restricted from entering specific doors or even whole areas that require a certain level of clearance.
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