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Mexican Walking Fish

Yeah! They're super cute! I'm doing this for a school project so, yeah....I AM NOW EXPERT OF MEXICAN WALKING FISH! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!! XD

C LovesPaprikas

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Walking Fish

Linannean Taxonomy Binomial Nomenclature
is..... Interesting Fact #1: So, here's a clear picture of a mexican walking fish: Mexican walking fish live in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco, which are well, in Mexico Ambystoma mexicanum! Mexican walking fish are actually called axolotls, which are sea salamanders. So they aren't really fish, but just amphibians. Habitats Mexican Walking Fish They're SOOO cute!!! Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Caudata
Family: Ambystomatidae
Genus: Ambystoma
Species: A. Mexicanum Lake Xochimilco Lake Chalco Map of Distribution Basic Mexican walking fish facts.... They have external gills, which stick up at both sides of their head Their skin can be the colours of black, brown, grey, albino, gold or pink Why Mexican Walking Fish are Endangered.... They only live in Lake Chalco and Lake Xochimilco.Lake Chalco was dried up because the Mexicans wanted to restrain any possible floods. Lake Xochimilco was drained, but not fully, and turned into strongly contaminated waterways and mini-lakes. Polluted
Lake Xochimilco See this? It's Lake Chalco. Yep, doesn't exist anymore. Consequences of Mexican Walking Fish Going Extinct (Why Should We Save Them) First, if they go extinct, then the little fish, arthropods and earthworms living close to the bottom of the riverbeds in Mexico will increase. But I don't think that will affect the food chain very much because there are other animals that eat them, too. Second, people won't be able to have them as pets/companions anymore! What Did Humans Do To Impact Them??? Humans (Mexicans, really) diminished one out of two of their habitats and reduced the other. Interesting Fact #1 Cont'd Mexican walking fish are at the immature stage of salamanders. It's when they aren't able to move onto the that stage and complete their metamorphosis. So, these axolotls just remain oceanic and have gills, like fish, even when they reach adulthood. Interesting Fact #2
Mexican walking fish are most famous for their power in restoring any missing body parts, like legs, arms, and even parts of their brain! (Also known as regeneration) This is kind of random, but.... Mexican Walking Fish Salamander They don't look THAT similar OK, this isn't fake ---> Able to grow to the length of 20-30 cm Can weigh up to 300g or more at adulthood, which isn't very much (AT ALL) Breeding /Reproduction Mexican Walking fish usually give birth to 300-1000 eggs in the late winter to early spring Eggs can hatch between 14-21 days Mexican walking fish can live up to 10-15 years Axolotls are only able to breed when they reach 6-12 months of age, which is when they become mature They lay their eggs on surfaces like plants and away from predators who might be looking for a meal Mom axolotls WILL eat their newborn babies and pretty much anything smaller than them. <----BABIES!!! :D Well, scientists are talking about building/making approximately 15 reserves in some of Lake Xochimilco's channels for the axolotls. They might create boundaries to protect them from the alien species like Asian carp and African Tilapias, who also eat the Mexican walking fish. In addition, the scientists might clear the waters of its pollution. I say might, because they haven't agreed on know how to fix this problem. These are suggestions made by an expert named Zambrano. Aside from this, zoos from around the world can take these cute fish-like amphibians into their protection. With the right amount of care, food, water and space, they're sure to be kept alive for a long while. How to Help Save the Axolotls! Interesting Fact #3 Lake Xochimilco surrounds The Island of Dolls. The island is named this because the owner of the island (and the previous ones) believe that collecting dolls from the rivers and hanging them up will give them safe-keeping from malevolent spirits.
I'd include a picture, but those dolls SERIOUSLY freak me out.... Newborn baby axolotls stay with their moms for about 3 weeks before becoming independent. Info About Their Endangerment Up close of a Mexican walking fish Ridge made of little scales Indentation in which veins and nerves are They're carnivores, so they eat meat and nothing but meat! I think they might be considered decomposers since they eat live AND dead meat. Mexican walking fish usually find their food by their smelling and seeing senses Mexican walking fish have teeth not made for biting, so their food will be more or less swallowed whole. Teeth?? Physical Characteristics Foods like feeder fish are bad for axolotls when they're still alive, because they might be bearing diseases or infections and parasites. So live food directly from the water isn't the best food choice for them. So that's why they only SOMETIMES eat fish from the water. This is a feeder fish, and the little black stuff on it are parasites They mostly eat worms, tiny fish and insects when in the wild. Random Fact #2
Mexican walking fish are nocturnal, so they don't move a lot during the day but can be really active at night Diet Lake Xochimilco is 125 square km. And there are 25 axolotls in every 25 square km. So 25x125 is 3125. Therefore, there are 3125 axolotls in Mexico. Interesting Fact #4
Axolotls get rid of waste (pee, poop, etc...) by urinating and using their gills. Interesting Fact #5
The name axolotl descends from the Aztec god of games, who had the ability to transform himself into an axolotl when desired. Random Fact #1
Mexican walking fish
can go cannibalistic and start eating each other if they are in a too-small area. THE END!!!
(THEY'RE SO CUTE!) HOPE YOU LEARNED SOMETHING FROM THIS! :D AND THAT IT WAS AT LEAST KIND OF ENJOYABLE!!! No copy-right was intended. Any sentences, thoughts or ideas that directly relate to something from the internet was entirely coincidental.
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