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Rachel Helms

on 2 August 2018

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Transcript of Circuits

Circuits and How they work!
What is a circuit?
A circuit is an electric device that provides a path for electric current to flow allowing us to operate things.
How a circuit works
A circuit needs two things in order to work....
1. A power source
2. To be complete (or closed)
This means that the wires connecting all the objects must start and end before the circuit can work. That's why batteries have a positive and negative so that they can carry the charge all the way around.
The Steps
1. Battery or generator provides power and is connected to objects with wires.
2. switch allows circuit to be open (broken) or closed (complete).
3. Bulb or object will light when the circuit is complete.
4. When switch is closed electricity flows through wires running the object. When switch is open electricity quits flowing.
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