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CFM Digital Badging Plan

No description

Elizabeth Merritt

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of CFM Digital Badging Plan

CFM Digital Badging
Level 1: Scanning
Level 2: Drivers of Change
Level 3: Scenarios
Level 4: Strategic Foresight
Assignment 1: Introduction to Scanning
Create a Scanning Framework
Assignment 2: Organizing your Scanning Hits
Assignment 3: Readin' the News
Assignment 2: Spotting Events
Assignment 3: Making Choices
Assignment 4: Mapping Eras
Assignment 1: Exploring Trends
Assignment 1: Introduction to Scenarios
Assignment 2: Creating a Story Seed
Assignment 3: Building out the Scenario
Assignment 2: Strategic Decision-making
Assignment 3 (Extra Credit): Improving Your Plan
Assignment 4: Choose an Aggregation Platform
Assignment 5: Connecting via Social Media
Assignment 6: Implications Wheel
Community Badges
Awesome Co-Pilot
Badge Critic
Assignment 1:
Scenario-based Planning
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