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No description

Alex Ross

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Ukraine

By: Alex Ross
Ukraine's flag became official in 1992 by the supreme council.
The blue half of the flag are mountains, skies, and streams in the country.
The Flag of Ukraine
The gold yellow half is a representation of the land and fields of Ukraine.
Kiev: Ukraine's capital.
The Population in Kiev is around 2,800,000
Can you see this?
Kiev is the most popular and largest city in the Ukraine with 323.9 square miles covering the land.
Ukraine's government type is a unitary semi-presidential republic.
Their total population is around 45,888,000.
Europe is the continent where Ukraine is laying on.
Tourist attractions
Spasky cathedral is one of the known attractions.
This was the second most popular city during the Kyivan Russian period
Ukraine's 3rd biggest city
Also known as "The Pearl of the Black Sea
Crimean resorts
This resort is so old, the Greek use to settle here.
This has a famous attraction known as "The Black Sea"
Cultural Events
Ukraine or Independence Day is their national holiday where they celebrate their independence on Aug. 24
They also celebrate New Years Day/Eve
On June 28, 1996, Ukraine had made their Constitution of Independence. It's now a holiday.
They also celebrate Christmas.
New year's eve in Ukraine
Christmas in Ukraine
Natural Resources.
Coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, mercury, salt, and timber.
In winter, it's usually 0 degrees Celsius.
In summer, it's usually 25-30 degrees Celsius
The land is mostly steppes but in the south western area, it's more of a mountain area.
Land use
54 percent of the land is used for growing crops rice, wheat , and corn.
1.5 percent is used for permanent growing of land.
44.5 percent is used for cities, forests, ect.
History Timeline of the Ukraine.
Ukraine is their own country.
Russian nearly takes over the Ukraine. Some of the western parts of the Ukraine became a part of Poland
1.5 million Jewish Ukrainians were killed by Nazi's during WWII.
Ukraine had gotten their independence back from Russia.
The hryvna is their new currency.
The Presidential voting was said to be rigged. Viktor Yushenko (a candidate) launched a protest against Viktor Yanukovych, (another candidate). This is the Orange Revolution.
Art of the Ukraine
Milla Jovovich
Born in Kiev on 12/17/75. She moved to England at 5, then to California. Her most famous movies she's been in were the "Resident Evil" movie franchise, The Fifth Element, and other films.
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Science of Ukraine
Charles Igor Gorin
Charles was born on 10/26/04 in Hovodok, Lviv Oblast Ukraine. He came to America in 1933. He then became a famous composer, singer, and actor. On 3/24/82 in Tucson Arizon, he had died.
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Ever since of Ukraine's independence, there hasn't been any

inventions or science news coming from the Ukraine. I've tried to find something about it for a long time and there was barely anything.
This is the...
Project By: Alex Ross
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