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Copy of The Great Gatsby: Symbolism & Themes

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on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Great Gatsby: Symbolism & Themes

The next morning…
Waiting Daisy’s call…
GATSBY decided to swim in his pool

The story
Arthur FRON

1929 - Winter

How it starts ...?
The original book
Novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (1925) that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in 1922.
The story primarily concerns the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his passion and obsession for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan
Decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval, excess
The Great Gatsby has resulted in a number of film adaptations :
1926 - Herbert Brenon
1949 - Elliott Nugent
1974 - Jack Clayton with Robert Redford
2000 - Robert Markowitz
2002 - Christopher Scott Cherot
2013 - Baz Luhrmann
The hardest difficulty
Internal narrative of Nick Carraway.
Beginning of psycho analysis.
Fitzgerald used hand-writted script and a typed style.
The words come to life in 3D.
Words to empathize the voice over, to empathize the state of mind of the caracters or to undelrine dramatique moments.
Baz Lurhmann's decision
Listened to the recorded book on the Transiberian express
Perfect cinema structure but...
Move with his family from Australia to NY in 2010.
Gives a call to Leonardo Di Caprio, who gives a call to Tobey Maguire.
It all started !
The Great Gatsby
The film:
Australian-American 3D drama film
December 2012  May 2013 : 3D
F. Scott FITZGERALD’s 1925 novel
$350 million Worldwide
Costs $125 million


The Director:
The actors:
Elizabeth DEBICKI

1922 – Summer
U.S Midwest  New York
Bond Salesman
Village of West Egg
One side of the bay
Narrator - writing the story

The most hopeful man
Born in precarious conditions
A mysterious business magnate
Extravagant parties

On the other side of the bay … East Egg

The encounter with GATSBY
Nick learns :

GATSBY is still in love with her and try to seduce her with his extravagant parties

GATSBY had a relationship with Daisy 5 years ago, before the war

The Desire of repeating the past

Daisy and GASTBY started an affair - Secret
Tom starts to be suspicious of GATSBY

The suspicion of Tom...
His mistress, Myrtle, moves to the west with her husband, George
George voices his suspicions to Tom about Daisy
GATSBY tells everything to Tom about he and Daisy

At this moment of the film … Tom looses his two wives

Tom accuses GATSBY of making fortune illegaly with a gambler
A fight started between GATSBY and Tom about Daisy
Daisy decided to leave with GASTBY

The accident...
Fight between Myrtle and her husband
Myrtle leaves George rushing out onto the street
She is struck by GATSBY and Daisy car and die instantly

The second ennemy...George
Tom told George that GATSBY killed his wife and that he probably slept with her
George decided to kill GATSBY

The revelation...
Nick finds GATSBY hidden outside of Tom and Daisy’s manson
GATSBY reveals accidently that Daisy was the driver and he was trying to protect her

GATSBY's Death...
The phone rung …
When GATSBY climbed out of the pool he was shot and killed by George
George commits a suicide

Daisy never called… it was Nick
She didn’t come to GATSBY’s funeral
She, Tom and their daughter leaved New York

Little analysis of...
A man who wanted to repeat the past…
A man who was stuck in an illusion from the beginning to the end…
A superficial woman…
Who doesn’t know what she wants…
Who was not able to love…

Behind the

Deleted Scenes
More information
From New York to Sydney
Trailer and film released
Very deep researches
Why delete scenes you have shot?
Alternative ending after Gatsby's death (Gatsby's father, Nick and Tom).
Nick and Jordan's relationship
"Her voice is full of money"
Many collaborations :
Bryan Ferry
Lana Del Rey
The XX
Florence Welsh
Who is Baz Luhrmann?
Born in 1962.

His parents were interested in theatre. Himself a comedian. Intimate knowledge.

Married to Catherine Martin, production designer.
His career
Made famous by the Red Curtain Trilogy
And more recently....
What is cinema for Baz Luhrmann?
Connect people from different periods

Dynamise the spectator's experience
Luhrmann's techniques
Energetic dance moves
Camera positioning
A contested figure
Ambitious and risky movies which result in strong criticism of his style in the cinema industry

But it paid off with popular success:
- 350m$ of revenue for Gatsby
- 179m$ for Moulin Rouge!
- 80m$ for R an J

Despite, he never won any Academy Award as director
"I focus on trying to make the film seem natural, participatory. I like it when the audience is aware that they're participating in the experience. It's different from a psychological drama, where the audience can be passive".
Interview to the Hollywood Reporter - July 2013
That's it!

Questions? Remarks?

Thank you for your attention
The Luhrmann's style
of film-making
Full transcript